Mistress Travelling To New York City

At the end of March to mid-April, I will be in New York, offering Exclusive Sessions for locals and visitors to the city. New York is an electrifying city that never sleeps, where every desire can be indulged, so I am rather excited to visit and experience what the city has on offer. I am available for pure sessions either in hotel rooms or dungeons, or secret public sessions (kinky tours through the city), being a companion to clubs and events, and open to receiving services such as chauffeur, food deliverer, shopping spree, city apartment ‘airbnb trade’ (where you move out

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Finding That Illusive Authentic Dominatrix

Yes, most Dominatrices in the industry are not authentic. They are usually sex workers who have chosen Domination and BDSM as their niche. Therefore, they are more PornDommes than authentic Dominatrices. They pander to male want and desire to build an Adult business, and have whittled Femdom down to sheer entertainment like a theme park ride. They have sensationalized Femdom, only doing the things that get the most clicks, disregarding the full spectrum and quality of Female Domination. These pretenders pose as stereotypical Dommes but they are mainly Social Media influencers, Only Fans and porn Content Creators for Adult sites

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The Different Domination Approaches of a Dominatrix and a Gentle Femdom

A Dominatrix and a Gentle Femdom (GFD) have different Domination styles and character, but they are both Femdoms. A Dominatrix is considered a Hard Femdom and a GFD is considered a Soft Femdom – therefore they are at opposite ends of the Domination spectrum. This doesn’t mean that they don’t do the same play, but the differences are evident in they way they approach the same scenario, as below.   When you’re in a spiked chastity cage and you can’t help crying a little: Dominatrix: Are those fucking tears? Suck it up, bitch, or I’ll cane your balls and give

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The Great Divide: the secret war between Classic and New Wave Femdom

I’m a hybrid of Pro and Lifestyle. In Lifestyle, I am more like a Pro, and in Pro, I am more like a Lifestyle – I’ve always broken the standard. For Me, BDSM is about raging against the machine, so it is only natural for it to rage against itself too. I’ve heard both sides of the story, and it’s funny, both sides think they are supreme. But, especially over the last five years, there has become another division – the Classic verses the New Wave. Pro-Dominatrices have always been thought of as being highly proficient at Domination and BDSM

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Why Professional Femdom Is Appealing

The interest in seeing a Professional Femdom can vary widely among individuals. Some appreciate the ‘no strings’, the anonymity, the proficient BDSM skills, and others, the professionalism. Which Femdom one sees largely depends not only on individual preferences and desires of the person, but also the attraction they have to the personality of a Femdom. Naturally, different people are drawn to different Femdom traits, but also, they are drawn to different personality traits of a particular Femdom. Here are some common reasons why someone might be interested in Femdom: Power Dynamics (and Role Reversal)Some people find excitement in exploring power

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Feeling Guilty About Seeing A Dominatrix?

Ok, let’s get serious. There are many reasons why someone might feel guilty about seeing a Dominatrix. The most common reasons are they have a partner who doesn’t know, or it conflicts with their social identity, that investing in carnal pleasure is a ‘sin’ and means you are not a ‘respectable’ man. I have played with over 1000 people and have had conversations with tens of thousands more, many of which have had these concerns. The best way to know if BDSM and Domination with a Professional Dominatrix is for you is to make informed decisions that sustains your conscience.

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What Makes You Gay

I still find people, especially heterosexual men, who don’t quite understand what being heteroflexible, bisexual and gay is. So I’m going to tell you. If a heterosexual man sucks cock, that does not make him gay. If a heterosexual man gets pegged, that does not make him gay. If a heterosexual man has a threesome with a woman and another man, that does not make him gay. So what makes a man gay? When a man is emotionally, physically, and/or sexually attracted to a man. The key word here is ‘attracted’. Attraction is desire. Gay men have sexual desires and

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BDSM Clubs in Madrid

The truth is, the Madrid BDSM scene is still quite underdeveloped. It is largely due to the previous generation of politics, old cultural values, and lack of information. However, the people are hungry for knowledge and exploration. The level of practice all round is quite basic and often more focused on sex. High Protocol events are unusual and clubs don’t follow general international BDSM protocol, (such as not entering a play scene or cleaning furniture after your play has ended). Interestingly, there is a spilt in the scene between the Old School/Classic and the New Wave/Gen BDSM, and this is evident

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Oral Sex For Her Pleasure

Are you practicing your pussy licking? And no, you don’t need a pussy to do it. Too often men are very bad at cunnilingus because they haven’t had enough practice. For some silly reason men think that if they really like something, they will be good at it. No. According to a BadGirlBible survey, for a lot of women, in fact 79.4%, have had at least one bad experience, and 55.9% said they were unsatisfied with it because of their partner’s bad technique. Yet, 90% say they still enjoy it no matter the bad experiences and technique… I guess they

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Cock Cage Kink: the good, the bad and the ugly

There are many different reasons for a Femdom to use a cock cage, but they all boil down to: power and control. Cock caging is part of the Chastity kink. Chastity is about abstaining from sexual activity and physical stimulation. Cock caging is about physical restriction for Chastity, but there is also psychological abstinence based on agreements, trust, blackmail, etc. Cock caging is often used as a punishment or to correct behaviour, but also as a form of ownership or enslavement by the Dominant or Keyholder. The cage is meant to be a painful experience both physically and emotionally, especially

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