Oral Sex For Her Pleasure

Are you practicing your pussy licking? And no, you don’t need a pussy to do it. Too often men are very bad at cunnilingus because they haven’t had enough practice. For some silly reason men think that if they really like something, they will be good at it. No. According to a BadGirlBible survey, for a lot of women, in fact 79.4%, have had at least one bad experience, and 55.9% said they were unsatisfied with it because of their partner’s bad technique. Yet, 90% say they still enjoy it no matter the bad experiences and technique… I guess they

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How to Clean For Anal Sex

Anal sex includes oral, dextral, toy and penetrative sex. Cleaning before anal sex reduces health risks, is respecting your partner, and enables you to feel confident and free to enjoy. It is best to choose the cleaning method for the type of sex you will be engaging in. The Two Types Of Cleaning For Anal Sex There are two types of cleaning for anal sex: a light douche, which is cleaning for basic anal play that includes oral, dextral and light penetration and an enema, which is deep cleaning for hardcore anal sex that includes deep pegging, big anal toys and fisting.

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Anal Training for Complete Beginners

This piece is dedicated to all the subs who want me to train their ass. There are no hard and fast rules on anal training – every ass, every man and every situation is different. The best you can do is listen to your body and make informed choices for your own training. I have had good experience with many different men, but I am in no way an authority. I am not a medical practitioner. The information I’m providing is from my own learning and practice with male subs. This is just a guide to inspire you on your

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