How to Clean For Anal Sex

Anal sex includes oral, dextral, toy and penetrative sex. Cleaning before anal sex reduces health risks, is respecting your partner, and enables you to feel confident and free to enjoy. It is best to choose the cleaning method for the type of sex you will be engaging in.

The Two Types Of Cleaning For Anal Sex

There are two types of cleaning for anal sex:

  • a light douche, which is cleaning for basic anal play that includes oral, dextral and light penetration
  • and an enema, which is deep cleaning for hardcore anal sex that includes deep pegging, big anal toys and fisting.

Anal Cleaning Applicators

Both these items can be purchased online or from pharmacies. The Douche Bulb is small enough to be packed in a travel bag, whereas the Shower Hose is normally for home use.

Douching Bulb

For light douching, the nozzle can be unscrewed for easy storage and packing. They come in different sizes to suit the required job.

Shower Hose With Nozzle

The end of the hose is screwed onto a shower hose (after you unscrew the shower head). Use the bigger nozzle for squirting without insertion.

Things to note:

  • Always use luke-warm water as cold water may cause cramps.
  • You can use regular tap water, however, if your body is sensitive, you might prefer to use a light saline solution. You can buy this solution at the pharmacy or you can make it at home with the ratio of one teaspoon per 250mls of warm water. However, this is only for using a bulb, not a shower hose. Make sure to make enough solution beforehand for the amount of cleaning you desire.
  • Always use lube when inserting anything into the ass.
  • Eat fibre at least the day before – not bread but water-soluble fibre such as fruits and vegetables.
  • Douching is best done over the toilet to lessen clean up. It is easiest to do this with a bulb applicator, however, you can also do it with a shower hose if you can hold the water in for the trip.
  • Accidents are an accepted part of anal play and sex. However, they can make you feel insecure and embarrassed, and not in a good way. An accident can impact your mood, break the dynamic and make the atmosphere tense. However, this risk can be thoroughly reduced by simply douching, not to mention reassuring.
  • When playing with partners, it is expected that the bottom (the person being penetrated) has douched. When seeing a professional, it is a requirement.
  • Remember, everyone is different so you will need to adapt this guide to suit your body and anal play needs. But, practice makes perfect. It is best to practice this a few times even before any anal play.

Fast And Light Clean For Anal Sex


Fast and light cleaning for basic anal play takes about 10 to 30 minutes. This is good for when you will be engaging in anal play within the next hour. A douching bulb is often best to use for light cleaning, and is good for beginners. Using a shower hose with fitted nozzle is good for those who feel confident and have more experience with cleaning.

First, have a bowel movement. Don’t rush, or force. And don’t over-wipe.

Light Douche With Bulb

With the bulb, fill with luke-warm water. Lube your ass and the nozzle, and insert the nozzle through the anal canal into the rectum. Squirt the water in one go, consistently and slowly (over 3 seconds). Remove the applicator, then release the water in your ass into the toilet. Repeat 5-6 times until the water runs clear and doesn’t smell.

Light Douche With Shower Hose

When using the shower applicator for a fast and light clean, turn the water on only halfway, as full pressure could sandblast your ass. Low pressure means the water streams straight up for about 15cm before falling. Make sure the water is like-warm. If you’re cleaning in the shower, take any drain cover off. Sometimes big things might need to go down easily. Otherwise you can release over the toilet, if convenient.

Lube ass and hose tip, and only insert the tip of the hose. However, when using so much water, it can be difficult to keep everything lubed. So, you don’t need to insert the nozzle in at all. You can lean the fatter nozzle tip against your opening and the water pressure will naturally squirt into your ass.

While squirting the water in, count to five seconds to fill your rectum. Don’t over fill because if water goes past your sigmoid into your colon, it will start a deep clean process, and there is no going back from there. You will then have to complete a deep clean if you want anal sex (as initiating it without completion will create accidents during sex).

Repeat the light rinse 5 times or more, until the water runs clean and doesn’t smell. If the water still stays murky or smells, water has likely gone into your colon and you will need to continue with a deep clean, which will take another hour. (Or, decide not to do anal sex this time).

If the water runs clean, you’re good for anal. Take a shower, soap up, rinse and dry (making sure you don’t rub your ass too much as it can compromise the skin).

Deep Clean For Anal Sex

Deep cleaning takes about 30 minutes to 2 hours. This is good for when you are going to have long and hard pegging sessions, use big anal toys such as monster dildos, dilators and stretching cones, and for fisting.

Deep Clean With Douching Bulb

If you’re using a bulb applicator for a deep clean, follow the light clean process, but instead squirt in 6-10 bulbs of water to flood the colon at once. Hold it in a little if you can before releasing into the toilet. Then repeat the process until the water runs clear.

Deep Clean With Shower Hose

For a deep clean with a shower hose, follow the light clean process, but instead, when the water is entering, count to 30 seconds so you can fill the rectum all the way and into the colon. You may feel some cramping, so just stop, relax and give yourself a few seconds before continuing to fill the rest of the way. It’s important you go all the way with this method, otherwise the process for the full clean will take a lot longer.

Then, release the water from your ass down the shower drain (or if you can reach the toilet). If you are in the shower, remember to take off the drain cover first as there will obviously be some mess, but use the water pressure to get it down the drain. If the mess is large, use your toe to squish to separate. Don’t worry, you can clean everything when the water runs clear. (This is why moving from shower to toilet is good for people who don’t want to deal with the mess.)

For the deep clean, water will naturally get stuck in your colon. You will need to induce cramps to expel the water. You can put your body into certain positions to help the water come out – laying on your side, doing a crab position and a crouching position. Switching the positions up will help the water flow and come out. Also, shaking your belly, pushing on it and rubbing in a clockwise movement, pushing on your asshole, or even putting your finger in (with lube) can encourage the water to be released. The release will be messy, so it is good to do over a toilet before starting the process again.

Repeat this process at least 5 times. The squirting and the releasing, with some positions and massage, takes time. This is why is can take up to 2 hours for a deep clean.

How Do You Know If The Deep Clean...

…isn’t finished?
  • If the water running out isn’t clear or still smells. If this occurs after 6 rinses, do not continue as your body just isn’t ready for anal sex that day. It sometimes happens and is normal. (You might have just eating a big or heavy meal the day before.) So, perhaps other play/sex should be on the cards.
  • If you have groaning in your tummy, caused either by water or air, the release isn’t finished.
  • You have bubbles inside and feel like you need to fart.
If so, stay close to the bathroom, do you positions to help release the water or air, and massage your tummy lightly if you need.
…is finished?
  • Clear water with Mucosa (natural ass lube) comes out, which generally means your body is finished with the deep cleaning.
  • A feeling of emptiness, slight cramping (from the activity). This is normal, and it is good to recognise it for the next time as an identifier that you are finished.
  • You have no more urge to fart.
This deep clean should last you for at least six hours or more. Make the most of it!!

Tips For After Douching

  • It is best to douche at least an hour before anal play. This gives time for any pockets of air to escape, for your body to settle down, and for you to focus on the anal play instead of having the cleaning process fresh on your mind.
  • Just before anal play, do a quick check in the bathroom, perhaps wet wipe the area, but it shouldn’t been necessary to douche again. You should be empty. If you’re not, you might need to do a bowel movement and douche again.
  • Always use a condom on play or stretching objects, and don’t share extreme objects that can’t fit a condom on. It is best for your play partners to wear gloves, and near your ass NO NAILS WHAT.SO.EVER!
  • Eat salad-based meals before play – the day of and even the day before – keeps the bowel cleaner, helps the cleaning process and reduces the risk of accidents.


Yes, anal sex is an investment – time and health – for your sex life. When you get more accustomed to douching, it will be easier and you will find the process not just a physical preparation, but also a mental preparation for anal sex. Plus, being prepared for anal sex makes it more pleasurable without the worry of accidents and feeling conscious or nervous about cleanliness. And having a partner who knows how to look after themselves and prepare for anal is so sexy!

Happy anal play!