International Mistress in Madrid

Racy Wilde is an International Mistress based in Madrid. She provides services in BDSM, Domination/submission (D/s), Fetish, and BDSM Education through private sessions, mentorships and coaching, and public seminars and workshops. She travels throughout Spain and Europe.

Miss Racy has designed her personal journey to develop into the Professional Dominatrix she is today. Discovering her natural talents in BDSM and Domination at a young age, she has spent years learning, developing and practicing her craft with the best players in the world scene, creating her distinct Femdom philosophy, style, techniques and methods.

She is an Absolute Domme, a real Sadist, an impact connoisseur, an extreme anal player and a feminiser. She does not role play, but pursues authentic experiences with genuine Power Dynamics. Her focus is on Intellectual and erotic BDSM.

Thus, Miss Racy is a true Domina who enjoys each and every play session she has with her partners.