A very small selection of photos from my play sessions from over the last 10 years – raw and uncensored. These are not professional photos but authentic captures of real moments. Why don’t I have glossy pictures, typical of Commercial Dommes?

I loath the camera pointing at Me. I much prefer taking pictures of things that turn Me on – My submissives.

I’m not an exhibitionist. I know it’s popular for Mistresses to act like a pin-up girl, but it’s just not my thing. I don’t think a perfectly touched-up image of a Mistress posing shows anything about Her Femdom, intelligence, dominance or skills. It has always been my intention with any gallery to showcase the beauty of male submission. So, you will not see many pictures of Me in here. But, what you will see is My desire. You will see how I love what I do and that I adore My submissives. All the amateur images here are real, in-action shots taken by Me on an iphone to demonstrate My Femdom, passions and abilities.

Can you imagine the pictures I don’t post? 👀

All submissives in the images have consented to their picture being taken and me using their images at my discretion.