Submission Masterclass

Lingerie Mistress Madrid

Become the submissive your Femdom has always dreamed of

Submission Masterclass is based on the philosophy and style of Miss Racy Wilde. Gain access to guides, tutorials, lectures, examples and stories that will help you develop and shape your own submission.

***Currently under development***

Known for her innovative approach to Femdom and Domination/submission dynamics, Miss Racy Wilde is sharing her:

  • Philosophy and style, which has been influenced by English Discipline, German Objectification and Parisian Aesthetic – the shape of Her Femdom lore.
  • Governance, Protocol and Management for a House of Law and Order.
  • Techniques and methods to develop a Body of Knowledge and Practice.
  • Aims, Purposes, Meanings, and Narratives of BDSM and Femdom practices, dynamics and journeys
  • Femdom World (Queendom) and dynamic building

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First comes learning

If a submissive wants to become the best he can be for his Femdom, he will value Her own unique desires, and follow the path that She sets out for him to realise those desires through Her Domination.

I hope to inspire submissives to turn away from cookie-cutter Submission and help them nurture and strengthen their own unique submissive identity, Submission and support for their Femdom.