I do not operate the same as other ProDommes on the market. I emotionally and passionately invest in what I do, offering an authentic Femdom experience. I stay true to Female Domination, and thus, My personal Femdom desires are the essence of each session I create. Of course, this means that compatibility with patrons is essential, and so I select those who inspire Me and who ignite My desire to dominate.

I have two types of patrons: clients who pay for a service and benefactors who tribute.


Clients come to Me to learn or experience something specific. They are seeking a kinky educational session. For example, they might want to learn about pegging. So, as a highly experienced Professional, I instruct them on everything they need to do to prepare for pegging and I provide a pegging experience so I can teach them further about good practices, their own body, health and safety.

Some clients enjoy just having a kinky chat over coffee or drinks with a Dominatrix. Some clients are visiting Madrid and are looking for accompaniment to a specific event or club. And, other clients prefer private one-on-one educational or experience-based sessions.  


Benefactors essentially become My submissives, but of course, only if we have a connection and a dynamic that fulfils Me. I invest in them as much as they invest in Me. We have as real and natural dynamic as any Femdom lifestyle relationship. They tribute because they value Me and feel grateful to be a part of a Femdom relationship that most people can only dream of. My benefactors are very dear to Me, and because of them, I can become the myth incarnate.

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