This is personalised educational instruction, training and guidance in BDSM practice provided by a Professional and Lifestyle Domme for novice Dominants and submissives. In-Person or Online.

**Please note: Coaching sessions are NOT play sessions with D/s dynamics, but purely instruction, training and guidance.

Strapon Equipment Madrid

I offer private sessions for individuals and couples, and workshop sessions for small groups and events. I am also available for online coaching.

Kinkters, ‘just curious’, locals and international visitors of all genders are welcome to contact me. You must be over 21 years of age.

If necessary, you will be required to purchase your own training equipment and disposables under my guidance.

I am based in Madrid city where I do most of my coaching and meets. On occasion, I am also available in Barcelona and other cities.

**Coaching is in English.


Domination / submission
Learn about Domination and submission, the D/s dynamic and relationship, and standard BDSM practices. Dominants will be guided in creating their own philosophy and Dominion. submissives will develop their abilities and mindset.

Anal Training and Play Techniques
Learn about Anal practice, techniques and safety. Not just for people into BDSM, but anyone interested in Anal training and play.

Impact Play Techniques
Impact Play is physical contact with force. It includes striking the body with tools (flogging, paddling, caning) or by physical connection (punching, slapping, kicking). Learn about Impact practice, techniques and safety.

Humiliation / Degradation
Humiliation impacts a sub’s pride. Degradation impacts a sub’s worth as a human being. Extreme Humiliation and Degradation is only offered to those who can prove they have the right mindset and mental ability to suffer and heal from such. Includes elements such as Objectification (inanimate, sexual), Consensual Slavery and Animalisation.

Sissification / Feminisation
Sissy and Femme training – learn about female attitude, posture and positions, appearance and wardrobe.

Chastity / Tease & Denial Techniques
Chastity is typically about cock caging and chastity belts, however, there is also emotional chastity. Learn about chastity philosophy, methods and practices.

Service is a type of submission where the sub performs tasks to enhance the Dominants life. The service session I have on offer is based on formality and protocol. Includes elements such as Maid/Butler, Cleaning, Errand Boy and Secretary.

Sensual Mistress in Madrid

Coaching Sessions

Please note: All rates are for Spain.

** After initial contact, I require a €50 non-refundable booking deposit through WishTender to secure an appointment with me, which will be deducted from your session fee. This ensures me that you are a genuine client and we can continue with confidence.

Wishtender is an international gifting website – a safe and secure way to provide initial tribute without exchanging personal details.


• €100 / 1 hour
• €150 / 2 hours

• €150 / 1 hour
• €200 / 2 hours
• Groups TBA
• prep instruction
• disposables and
equipment use
• aftercare
• special items at
client's own expense

Incall is at a private location in Madrid city centre.
Client provides the outcall location in Madrid centre.


Domination / submission
Anal Training and Play
Impact Play
Sissification / Feminisation
Chastity / Tease & Denial
100% Safety: limits, safewords, aftercare, protection, SSC/RACK/PRICK

* NOTE: I do not make same-day appointments.

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