BDSM Clubs in Madrid

The truth is, the Madrid BDSM scene is still quite underdeveloped. It is largely due to the previous generation of politics, old cultural values, and lack of information. However, the people are hungry for knowledge and exploration. The level of practice all round is quite basic and often more focused on sex. High Protocol events are unusual and clubs don’t follow general international BDSM protocol, (such as not entering a play scene or cleaning furniture after your play has ended). Interestingly, there is a spilt in the scene between the Old School/Classic and the New Wave/Gen BDSM, and this is evident from the clubs on offer. 

When attending a club, I would suggest bringing your own cleaning solution to wipe down furniture before you use it for play. It is also usual for drinking during events, (so be aware that some people will be intoxicated), and for clubs to have smoking rooms (which still means you go home with smelly clothing). Lighting is typically too dark for appropriate Impact Play, and sometimes you get the zombie crowd standing in groups and being drawn to anything sexual.

It is best to go to an event with someone or to meet up with someone there, rather than trying to find people to play with at the event because language can be a barrier still in Spain. If you go to these clubs with the intention of soaking up the atmosphere, only light play and seeing what the Madrid scene is up to, then you’ll have a good time.

La Nueva Pasteleria

Mature and Old School/Classic

La Nueva Pastelería, (LNP) or Paste for short, is the premier BDSM membership club in Madrid, which leans toward the Classic style. Conveniently situated in the centre of the city, it has a warehouse layout with good room for BDSM play stations. More like a BDSM club house, facilities include a cloakroom, bar and smoking room. Paste hosts their own club nights, which are generally open to the public, and events such as educational courses on BDSM practice. The club is open at the end of the week most weekends.

Like many clubs, they also have a few outside event organisers that hold theme nights, the most notable being Cruel Domme Femdom. About once every three months, Paste opens it’s doors to a developing Femdom scene with a taste for the darker arts of kink. This is an event where masochists are in high demand.

Paste is more for the locals in Madrid than internationals. However, it is possible to visit, though it is recommended to go with a friend or play partner as you will feel the language barrier.


Young and New Wave/Trash

InKlub is the ‘New Wave’ club of Madrid – they are a membership but focus on pulling in the public, really push the ‘liberal’, meaning the freedom concept to do and be whatever you want. Also situated in the heart of the city, the top space has a dark fluro industrial style, while the bunker underneath is even darker with pokey nooks for play. With a cloakroom, each floor has a bar and a bathroom to be very afraid of. The club is open at the end of the week, and on some open nights (more than a few I’ve been to) only a small handful of people turn up to play or drink. A lot of the stations are too cramped to do anything substantial and the dark lighting makes it impossible to do any proper Impact. The place acts more like a hosting venue for several event organisers. I’d say InKlub is more a social club, and recently is turning more into a sex club with swingers taking up the corners for threesomes and gang bangs.

Some events pack out the house, such as the Munch and BDSM Social Club (with acceptance of internationals) on once a month in InKlub (which is ironic, because Munches are typically supposed to be in vanilla settings). And some external event organisers have a good following that help their events do well. Oh My Goddess (OMG) is one of the highlights, however, it is not about Femdom as the name suggests. Rather, it is a female-centric kink night. The kink concept Delirium sometimes uses InKlub as a host for their events, (but they also use sex spas, regular clubs and gay bars/clubs to host some of their more classier concepts)


More to come when I think they are worth noting.