The Subtleties of Dominance

Being a Domme isn’t an act, I don’t play at it, I don’t summon a character for a perforamce like an actor does for stage. Being a Domme is an organic, ever-changing part of me. It is a countenance, a disposition, a feeling, and a feature of my sexuality. It’s personal. It is something I share with those I connect… Read more →

Maverick – Short Memoir

When having a kinky weekender in such a small city as Oslo you have to broaden your search area – yes, I go to Tinder. There are two main problems with Tinder boys: they tend to be waify and they have no clue about BDSM. Sure they know about anal and deep throating but when I clarify that they are the ones… Read more →

A Promiscuous Domme Has Her Loves Too

  “Why don’t you want a long-term relationship?” is what I get asked all the time as if my choice is somehow lesser. I can hear their brains ticking over: Are you a slut? Are you messed up? Afraid of love? I rattle off a list of viable replies, all true, but the reality is: I am a promiscuous woman… Read more →

Assy Girl – Short Story

❃ Read PART ONE – Cocky Bastard ❃ I’ve had men bring me to my knees before, but this won’t do… I need more. More of him… To have him at my mercy, just as he has me. As his tongue reaches to suck up his cum deep inside me, his grip on my ankle relaxes and I take advantage. Flipping… Read more →

Cocky Bastard – Short Story

Running down the stairs, I suddenly stop to brace myself against the wall before I reach the bottom. I need a moment to catch my heart, a moment of stillness to fathom what just happened. It is now I realise, I’ve run away… forgetting my panties. I think to go back and collect them but I know as soon as… Read more →

Doms Who Want To Submit

I have been contacted by many a male Dom looking to explore their submissive side. Sometimes it is out of plain curiosity for submission, sometimes it is because I intrigue them and they want to gain access to me, and unfortunately, sometimes it is because their submissive female will not respect them if they show any sign of ‘unmanliness’ in… Read more →

To The Lost Boys

As a Domme, I often find myself in a position where I’m giving counsel to a lost boy. Sometimes they break my heart – all they see in themselves is worthlessness, where I see potential. It can be tricky knowing what is the right thing to say to them. As a Logician, truth to me is more valuable than love,… Read more →

I Don’t Need More

I’ve just spent a weekend with a submissive. We didn’t know each other at all. In fact, before we met I had never heard his voice, nor text-chatted with him in real time. Our communications were only every few days, a paragraph or two, with limited but direct information over two months. We played a little, which consisted of me… Read more →