I am an Amazon

Every Domme has a unique domming style, but Dommes can also emulate particular stock personas, such as a Goddess, Queen, Mommy, etc. Even though I’m not into labels – I’m an individualist – quick references to such personas make it handy for other people to understand a particular woman’s dominance. I have been searching definitions and interpretations for Amazon Dommes… Read more →

His Power to Make Decisions

Being a Domme, I endeavor to understand my subs, their desires, kinks, motivations… But foremost, I want to know why they have this burning need to submit. Submission is not a quality I can find within myself, so in order for me to comprehend it, which in turn will make me a better Domme, I must depend on outside sources.… Read more →

Insights from an Ex-Finsub

When I was researching the world of Financial Domination, as I was considering a finsub’s offer to explore his fetish, an ex-finsub, Joe, got in touch and was very generous to share his journey with me. Joe, himself, had become addicted to Financial Domination. Eventually, he overcame it by extensive and expensive treatment with a professional addiction therapist. I saw… Read more →


Collaring has been made into the sign of ultimate submission in D/s relationships. It is perceived as one signing over their life to another for complete protection, care, and control (not necessarily love) and demonstrates the deepest level of commitment and trust. But I just don’t get it, and here’s why: When I began exploring who I am in the… Read more →

The Dominant Lady Mystique

The fine art of Female Domination is beautiful and elegant when a truly dominant woman is at the helm. Dominance is about having power and influence, it is only weakness to enforce it – a truly Dominant Lady doesn’t need to. Domination has nothing to do with ball-busting, excessively talking and repeatedly asking rhetorical questions, although these traits are often… Read more →

My Introduction to Findom

Financial Domination (findom) is not something I have ever considered. The idea of demanding money from a person appals me. Unlike many Dommes and Dominatrices, I am not a materialistic girl and I revel in that fact. Being bound by material things is a form of slavery, and I am above that. But when a finsub sort me out and… Read more →