Professional Erotic Sessions

All I know is that I’m a real Dominatrix. My intentions for professional sessions are usually quite different from most ProDommes… I want erotic pleasure. A lot of people think there is a big difference between a private session and a professional session, somehow as if the private session is better because real feelings are involved. I guess they’ve never gone to see a Dominatrix like Me before. Doing business for Me doesn’t diminish My erotic feelings. I feel just as much in my professional sessions as my private, and often even more because I am encouraged and inspired by

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Let Your Mistress Shine

Being too good a submissive can backfire. Your energy and your enthusiasm, your submissive extravagance, can be overwhelming, even intimidating for your Mistress. Thus, you want to allow your submission to be regulated and balanced by your Mistress. SUBMISSION MASTERCLASS At the beginning, even before a Femdom relationship has started, a sub can be overly enthusiastic with his devotion and expression of submission. You might think you need to impress your potential Mistress with your pure intensions and ability to surrender. Instead, however, your energy could be the very thing that is pushing your Mistress away. You may think you

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Extreme and Consensual

I invited him over – the pro Crossfit athlete – just because a girl has needs. It was about 3am when he arrived. A little older than my usual, but his eagerness was giving him credit. (A lot of men try to lead the situation, and when they see I’m not going with it, they think they have to be more Dominant than me by being more aggressive. Ugh.) I had orgasmed in the first five minutes and was allowing him to finish… but he was taking some time. I started to get suspicious – some boys like to indulge

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The Age Old Question: Why can’t I keep a sub around longer than six months?

I have quite some experience in BDSM and D/s relationships, and over the years my Domina friends have asked me for advice. As such, I became a mentor and teacher for them, sharing my insights, experience and observations to help them on their own journey. This is an example of what to expect from the Femdom Masterclass. FEMDOM MASTERCLASS I have Domina friends in different countries who get frustrated because they can’t keep a sub longer than six months. At the beginning, the sub is all in, then he starts to slacken off, then he starts to retreat, and eventually

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Sessions in Everyday Spaces

Even though dungeons and specialist equipment can be fun, they are not needed for organic play or Domination, and they are especially not needed if the Dominatrix is creative and innovative. Thus, I prefer to session in everyday settings – apartments, hotels, nature – to be flexible, to focus on natural Domination and dynamic, and to challenge myself. I have been sessioning in everyday spaces for over ten years in different countries. I’ve sessioned in 5-star hotels in major cities to cabins above the Arctic Circle. I’ve sessioned on isolated islands were nature provided the tools for torture, in a

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Why do I always use *him* to describe a sub?

I’m pansexual. I can be attracted to anyone with an ass. I’m proudly part of the LGBTQ+ community and I respect the changes in our vanilla language to recognise, value and cherish everyone. But there is a clear reason for Me personally as to why I always use him in BDSM and Femdom to describe a submissive. Language reversal. Even though I support gender equality, which includes the recognition and use of appropriate pronouns, in My own Femdom language, which I am consciously and continually constructing, especially with text, I want to drill home that men, all men, are fully

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Femdom Event – Scene Narrative

Si eres Mujer Dominante, el Club de Damas te invita a participar a una nueva noche FemDom. Como siempre, el ambiente será distendido y discreto, y tendremos la comodidad de un elegante local privado dispuesto para ello. Será impartido, una vez más, por una de nuestras integrantes, la Sra. Racy Wilde. Racy Wilde es una experimentada Dominatrix y estilo de vida como Domme. Tiene una filosofía y un estilo FemDom distintivos, y ha desarrollado su propio protocolo, técnicas y métodos a lo largo de muchos años, realizando sesiones con miles de parejas de todo el mundo. En este Seminario teórico

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Pathetic or Desired, which do you want to be?

Do you want to be seen as pathetic by your Domme? Being the grovelling sub who leaves his dignity at the door? If you do, don’t expect to ever have sex with your Dominant Woman. Women don’t have sex with men they see as pathetic. I know many Dommes who own pathetic slaves. They love having them because it is easier to be cruel to a pathetic man. (It is because they feel powerful by being mean, but aren’t real sadists. A real sadist like me will want to hurt subs, no matter attraction, but especially if she is attracted

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