Professional Erotic Sessions

All I know is that I’m a real Dominatrix. My intentions for professional sessions are usually quite different from most ProDommes… I want erotic pleasure.

A lot of people think there is a big difference between a private session and a professional session, somehow as if the private session is better because real feelings are involved. I guess they’ve never gone to see a Dominatrix like Me before.

Doing business for Me doesn’t diminish My erotic feelings. I feel just as much in my professional sessions as my private, and often even more because I am encouraged and inspired by my clients to embody My true Dominance. It has something to do with who I think deserves to experience Me at My fullest. I often feel private players haven’t earnt to experience Me, they haven’t given Me anything to want to share myself with them. Private players normally don’t fully appreciate Me. They have no clue who I am, or my value, and often I find them quite draining. People don’t value things that are free.

Clients, on the other hand, have made an investment. They demonstrate confidence in Me, who I am as a Dominatrix. They have most often studied Me fully, read My writings and followed My journey. They know My value, more than money, because they also treat Me with great respect. I look forward to being with my clients most as they give Me energy because of their positive attitudes and gratitude.

I get it that some Dominatrices have a professional persona for their clients. They need to separate business and private to find balance. I can’t do that…because I am a Dominant Woman in life – I can’t switch Myself off and on to suit sessions and leisure. And… I don’t want to do that. I enjoy the erotic feelings I have no matter the session – professional or private. That’s why I’m a Dominatrix, so I can experience the feelings of Domination and dynamic with everyone I session with. In professional sessions, I aim high to experience true power exchange, dynamic connection, and erotic sensations. Some of my most erotic experiences have been with clients.

I put my clients first, not only for good business, but because of them I get to do what I love. Most clients have a focus, or goals they want to achieve, and they are not necessarily about kinks, but about who they want to be or how they want to develop as a person. Of course, knowing who I am and being smart enough to embrace that, they follow My lead to create amazing, yet challenging, experiences for the both of us.

So yes, I too invest in my professional sessions with My erotic energy, My dominance and My creativity. I love connecting with people on an erotic level, and because of who I am, I have a talent for doing that with strangers. I’ve never needed to have romantic feelings for someone to connect erotically, it’s part of My dominance – it is one of My superpowers.

So, when it comes to good data, there always needs to be the anomaly, and I’m it. I am the one who defies the norm, the one who goes against the grain. Not because I’m an anarchist, though, I love chaos, but just because I want to be the master of My own experiences. I choose every experience to erotically fulfil Me.

So when you come to Me as a client, know that I do not see you as a client. You are a man investing in Me as a Dominant Woman. I will find that very attractive… and what I find attractive, I want to Dominate.