Sessions in Everyday Spaces

Even though dungeons and specialist equipment can be fun, they are not needed for organic play or Domination, and they are especially not needed if the Dominatrix is creative and innovative. Thus, I prefer to session in everyday settings – apartments, hotels, nature – to be flexible, to focus on natural Domination and dynamic, and to challenge myself.

I have been sessioning in everyday spaces for over ten years in different countries. I’ve sessioned in 5-star hotels in major cities to cabins above the Arctic Circle. I’ve sessioned on isolated islands were nature provided the tools for torture, in a theatre house on stage in front of an absent audience, on a mountain top in the Midnight Sun, and in the middle of a fjord during low-tide for extreme sensory play. I thoroughly enjoy different environments.

Hotels are usually the norm, as they require little planning and strings. I like to choose hotels based on the furniture and the design of the room. I’m attracted to strong patterns and sleek lines with style reminiscent of The Great Gatsby era. I’m interested in unique layouts and fixtures such as a structural beam in the middle of a room, a spiral staircase or a blanket box at the end of a bed. Cheaper and older hotels are my favourites as it is easy to move furniture around, flip beds up and create a whole new space for play.

I thoroughly appreciate it when a client involves me in the hotel and room selection. It’s forward thinking – I like smart clients who understand that our surroundings and the items within can add to the dimension of our session. I would usually choose the more obscure, and sometimes trashy, hotels around the city for each of our sessions to inspire unique types of play and scenes. There is beauty in the anarchy of up-turning a hotel room, making it into our own play space.

Some of my favourite features I look for in a hotel room are specific for Bondage and Objectification. I like bathroom and entrance doors facing each other – they make anchor points for a standing spread-eagle setup or a makeshift St Andrews Cross. Beds that have slats can be flipped up on end to make a fantastic rack-style bondage wall. One time I choose a room with two single beds so I could flip one mattress on top of the other and have my client in between. I had fun jumping on top, squishing him like a pressed tomato. Tight cupboards enable a dildo spit roast for my viewing pleasure. Tables and foot stools are good for impact benches. Armchairs for kneeling benches. Curtains for deprivation and breath play. Baths for wet play, waterboarding and pampering. Loose items such as lamp shades, coat hangers and coffee trays are great for inanimate Objectification. A hotel room is a play wonderland!

I enjoy being inspired by my surroundings. It means I can create a special experience for Me and my client. I feel that I’m at my best when I’m on that edge of play, when anything in the room, just everyday objects, could be used to punish or pleasure. The idea that my client will never see a cupboard or a bed or a lampshade the same way again after our session is fun and thrilling; whenever he sees the slats under a bed or a foot stool, he will think of me and our time together.