Extreme and Consensual

I invited him over – the pro Crossfit athlete – just because a girl has needs. It was about 3am when he arrived. A little older than my usual, but his eagerness was giving him credit. (A lot of men try to lead the situation, and when they see I’m not going with it, they think they have to be more Dominant than me by being more aggressive. Ugh.)

I had orgasmed in the first five minutes and was allowing him to finish… but he was taking some time. I started to get suspicious – some boys like to indulge a little too much. “Are you holding back?” I asked.

“No, but I usually can’t come by being inside a woman,” he replied.

“How do you usually come?”

“With my hand.”

“Then why are you fucking me right now?”

“Because I love fucking.”

I wasn’t surprised. Most boys have unintentionally trained or conditioned themselves to only come by their own hands because of jerking off a lot. This actually can be a problem when having sex with others, especially girls. When men can’t finish inside her, girls get insecure. Girls have a bad habit of thinking that their pussy is not good enough, or that the guy doesn’t find them sexy or attractive if he can’t orgasm ‘because of her’. And no matter how much you tell her it’s not the case, she won’t believe you. Ugh.

When guys aren’t used to getting too much pussy, they inadvertently train/condition themselves to only come without it. If you don’t want this to happen to you, or if it already has and you want to change, retrain yourself to orgasm by different methods – hand, fleshlight, pillow, soapy, lubed, dry, apple pie – so when the time comes, your cock will be able to adjust to any situation, even pussy.

“Alright, get off me,” I told him. I changed position to standing on the bed. “Kneel here,” I pointed in from of me. “I want to slap your face. Can I?”

“Sure. I’ve taken a lot of hits from boxing. You can slap me hard.”

“Don’t tease me,” I warned. “I’m a real sadist. I will always desire to slap the hell out of you.”

“I understand.”

“So I can slap you really hard then?” I asked again.


I held his face in position to make sure it was at a good angle. I showed him where and how I was going to hit his face by slowly following the line of swing from high to low onto his cheek.

“I’m going to hit you very hard. Yes?” I asked a third time.


I held my hand up high and slammed it down onto his cheek, making the beefcake stumble off balance. He recovered and looked back up at me.

“Now you know I’m not kidding around.”

“Yes,” he replied, still a little shocked.

“I want to hit you again. Will you let me?”


“Ok then,” I felt the smile creep across my face from the sinister delight I was feeling inside. I repeated, holding my hand up high before slamming it down onto his face even harder than the first. He crumbled and had to brace himself on the bed. I felt the impact to my shoulder, the throbbing in my hand.

“I want to hit you again. Will you let me? This time I will be even harder.” I knew it would be the last time. No one has been able to handle more from me.

“Yes,” his sweet consent gave me warm chills in my chest.

Again, I hit him, but harder, so hard I threw even myself off balance.

He returned to meet my eyes again looking down at him. “I think I’m done,” he said.

“Yes, you’ve had enough,” I agreed… but my body ached to hurt him more.

“And you liked it?” he fished.

“You made me wet,” I confessed. But my sadism was still pulsing through my veins. The release of it from my violence felt amazing, but I had to tuck it away.

I let him dress, he left and I had to deal with my agonising craving for more. Eventually, I fell asleep.

A Note On Consent

We talk about the importance of consent a lot in the scene, and a lot of people disagree with my Taboo practice of 100% submission without negotiation. It’s because they never consider or understand the process I make My subs go through for us to get there. I am fully aware that a lot of my practices are extreme, which require informed, serious and thorough consent, and it takes time and practice to transform that into Absolute. From the very beginning, I have a system of protocols and safety that work towards gaining all the consent I need for Absolute Domination.

As demonstrated in this retelling, I required consent for each and every strike I made because I was going extreme. That is how much I respected the man I was with, and respect myself as an Absolute Domme. No, he wasn’t Mine – a stranger no less – he wasn’t submissive and he wasn’t even a professed kinkster. But that didn’t mean I relaxed my protocol and standards – I kept them, which garnered his trust in Me, and I was able to have My extreme desires fulfilled. The fact I asked consent each and every time to slap the man’s face showed him I was in control of the situation, of My Sadism (arousal) and myself. Because of this, he trusted Me to hurt him harder and harder each time.

This is the type of consent and trust groundwork a Domme must do with each and every submissive. As an Absolute Domme, when I take on a submissive for Absolute Domination, I have meticulously gained consent throughout our probation journey just as such, but not only that, I have gained their unwavering trust because of upholding my standard and demonstrating self-mastery.