Sex Slave

Ok, teaching time…

I don’t think a lot totally understand what a sex slave is… So, here’s the low down:

The Sex Part

To be a sex slave, you have to be good at sex. Like, amazing. You have to have had lots of sex with lots of different partners, and know your way around a woman’s body. You have to be good with your cock, your mouth and your hands. It’s not just about doing what you are told to do… You have to be proactive and innovative… Your energy and drive needs to be Alpha… You need to have a hunger that rivals every other man. You don’t just fuck, you make fucking an art form.

The Slave Part

Basically, a slave has no rights. Well, not exactly… a slave passes over their rights to their Dominant. So, the slave’s rights are dictated by the will of their Dominant. For example, saying ‘no’ is a right, and a slave gives up this right, allowing their Dominant to say ‘no’ on their behalf. This is an agreement that is made at the beginning of the relationship, which stands until a time/further notice.

The difference between an “absolute slave” and play slave is like a fuse box. A play slave only passes over control of certain rooms in the house, giving the Domme limited power, and it is often time bound. An “absolute slave” passes over control of the master switch, giving the Domme unlimited power.

The former is more common, the latter is consensual slavery for serious Lifestylers.

The Service Part

Most think being a sex slave is just about servicing their Domme… Yes, always, but not in the way you think. Sometimes you would be required to suck a bull’s cock. Sometimes you would be required to join an orgy. Sometimes you would be required to tongue clean the pussies of everyone after the orgy. Sometimes you would be required to be the piggy in a gang bang. Sometimes you would be required to be the mouth in a glory hole. Sometimes you would be required to go to a hotel and service another Dominant Woman. Sometimes you would be required to perform sexual acts on another submissive – a stranger – for the entertainment of a dungeon party… All the while your cock must perform over and over and over again otherwise you will be a disappointment to your Dominant.

Yes, being a sex slave is not for beginners. You need to wrap your head around real BDSM, releasing all your inhibitions – becoming nothing, so your Domme can turn you into something – in order to service Her properly.

The Unique Domme Part

Each Domme has her own objective for sex slaves and you would be wise to study what that would be before agreeing to be Hers. For instance, I am an Absolute Domme, which means I am more hardcore than bedroom Dommes. This is my Lifestyle – I live it every day – and I have been in this game longer than most so my tastes are very dark and my practices quite advanced. To take cues from my profile: I am a real Sadist – I hurt people for my pleasure, therefore I require my slave to suffer greatly. I’m a big anal player, therefore I require my slave to be fully trained. I attend events and clubs, therefore I require my slave to accompany me, to be tortured and humiliated in public. And, I am pansexual, I’m on Grindr and I frequent gay sex clubs… I’m in the game with the big boys, and I require my slave to play hard and make me proud.

What’s more… I like gentlemen – manners, politeness and social etiquette, aka: kindness, consideration and humility. I like those who have a healthy lifestyle and look after themselves. I like those who know how to dress and when they take their clothes off, I have to try not to blush. I like those who have a seriously sexual appetite, who have to control themselves to be submissive. I like those who are open minded, who are not humiliated wearing lingerie, and who will suck a cock for me. And, I like those who are generous… who value me more than their money.

The Required Sub Part

As you can see, you need to be a particular sort of person to be able to handle being a sex slave. The drive of being a slave must be greater than your fears. You must give your body, your mind and your heart over to your Dominant, unconditionally. Being a slave is often a thankless existence. Your reward? Being a pleasure* for your Dominant and experiencing an amazing part of life that many could only dream of.

*And don’t think being a pleasure is all sexual either. As a Dominant, having strict power over someone is pure pleasure… using them to make your fantasies a reality… living the taboo…