Punch Drunk Dommespace

Whatever this writing, it doesn’t do the experience justice.

Three months they have to give Me first. Three months I require them to bank enough credit before I will start My investment. Three months of their body, their pain, their ass, their commitment and devotion. I only lightly train, I only lightly play, I only lightly give My energy to them. Three months is the probation time My personal submissives must give Me before I will give Myself to them.

Most don’t make it.

At the beginning of last night, I told him, ‘We are at the three-month mark of your probation period. This is the crescendo.’ He was well aware that this night would be very different.

‘How is your body feeling?’ I asked.

‘Good,’ he replied.

‘Now remember, it’s just you and me,’ I reminded. ‘What we create is between us, I want you to focus on that. Feel what we have.’

‘Yes, Miss Racy.’

I took hold of his belt in his jeans and his hands automatically tried to help me undo it, until I said, ‘Ut, this is for Me to enjoy.’

He relaxed and I pulled the end of the leather to unhook his belt and release it. I unzipped him and pulled his pants down past his knees.

I walked behind him and said, ‘Turn around.’

He faced me again and I walked him back two steps to sit on the top of the padded horse. He put his hands behind on the top pad to support himself and expose his body to me – strong, solid, with rather impressive pecs.

I ran my hands over his smooth skin and down to his incredible legs. Even sitting and relaxed, they were cut and I could feel their power with my fingertips. Brushing over his Calvin’s, I felt his hard metal cock cage between his legs.

Taking up his leash fasten to the collar around his neck, I pulled it down and long to secure it onto the ring of the horse at his knees

‘I’m going to hit you here and here,’ I touched his outer thighs, and I walked away to make him think about it.

To the wall, I kneeled down at my toolkit in my 10cm platform knee-highs to pick out a girlie pink flogger. I would really go for a paddle or a cane first, but I wanted My sub to last for longer and to do that I needed to warm up his skin gently, awaking his pain sensors to notify his brain that the pain he is receiving is wanted.

I returned in front of My sub and held up the measly pink flogger at him. He knew I didn’t care much for the tool, and he smiled.

We went through the drill – what I do each time with a new implement – two hits and a check-in with him to gage the level of pain he is experiencing. The scale of one-to-ten to judge his threshold.

I began swinging at his legs and he was laughing a little under his smile… He knew I wasn’t impressed with using the pink – it wasn’t hurting him enough.

I soon switched to paddling My sub with a wooden brush and then I switched to my golden flapper. Coming in to him, I asked, ‘Why are you smiling?’

He shrugged at me.

‘Are you embarrassed?’ I teased, and looked at the crowd watching us from behind me in the club.

He shook his head.

Cocky boy. I knew he was smiling because he was enjoying himself. Not often do My subs get to watch Me flog them because they are mostly ass-up-head-down. For the first time he had a full frontal view of me so he could see how much I was enjoying him.

Standing back, I took my swings down onto his thighs. The wonderful smacking sound of my flapper beat through the dark music of the club. The sound is always a trigger for me… it’s like the bell at the turning point in Rocky, ushering in My alter ego… My true sadist-self… a highly-charged, erotic persona.

I made My sub stand so I could pull down his Calvin’s to reveal his cock locked in its cage. His pre-cum started dripping like a tap to the floor. Impressive – I like a man who doesn’t dry up with fear.

Picking up my long leather flogger with tassels, I swung it between his legs, at his cock, over and over. The cage protected him so I could hit harder. My sub’s thighs would flinch when he saw the ends coming for him, and his body jolted when they made contact. It was easy to laugh.

Kneeling down before him to admire my work, I rubbed over his cage and his erection bulging above it. Scratching my nails over his hard core, I teased him for liking it.

I took my big, wooden paddle next and I attacked his thighs again. Beneath his skin, a dark purple cloud was beginning to appear, and running my fingertips over, I circled the hardening forming in clumps under the surface.

My instinct was taking over – I couldn’t help it. I jumped onto his thigh to feel the heat radiating from his body between my legs. Moving my hips around, my clit making the most of it, I whispered, ‘I can feel your pain with my pussy.’

Brushing my cheek over his, our lips fell into place on each other’s. We kissed deeply, helplessly, uncontrollably… for our first time. That wonderful punch-drunk psychedelic space took over my mind and my being.

I needed to breathe and emerged from my trip, taking it with me to stand again. Running my hand over his legs, a wetness was on his shin. ‘Why are you wet here?’ I asked him.

He shrugged his shoulders at first and then said, ‘Pre-cum.’

‘Yes. It is running all down your leg and onto the floor. Why?’ I teased.

He didn’t need to answer.

I ran my fingers through his hair and pulled to hold his head up to me. Plunging my lips down onto his, I teased biting, but he held his mouth open to take all of my kiss. He was as ferocious kissing back, which pushed my punch-drunkedness deeper into space.

Pushing off him, I regained my composure. ‘Stand up. I want you kneeling on the horse,’ I commanded.

I undid his chain. He stood, turned and mounted, as told, and I secured his collar to the other side of the horse. Like a jockey, his tight, rounded ass was brilliantly exposed, and I ran my hands over the apples of his cheeks and down between his legs to his cage. Holding onto him, I thrusted my hips, pushing my pussy into his ass. I so longed to be wearing my peg so I could fuck his ass until I’d squirt.

Instead, I warmed his ass with my pink flogger and then slapped it with my dragon tongue to such a peak, I fell to my knees at his ass. I needed to experience the stripes forming on his skin. My centre quickened as I traced my fingers over his lashes, and there were moments I felt his stripes with my lips and my tongue… tasting his pain, wanting to consume all of him. The beauty of the delicate rising of my inflictions to his body were captivating me. With my cheek, I felt the warmth of his pain, but held myself from succumbing to the erotic euphoria. Breathing, I regained my composure to stand again.

I came down to his ear and asked him, ‘How much did you feel?’

‘Eleven both sides,’ he said.

Eleven? I was a little taken back, worried that I might have gone too far, but I liked it so much. ‘Are you ok?’ I whispered almost ashamed.

‘Yes, Miss’ he assured me.

I rested my cheek against his, feeling this unusual tenderness between us. This was the first time he was experiencing an unrestrained sadist enjoying his body. I wanted him to see… to feel me in my psychedelic state… my Dommespace. I try to prepare My subs for it, but it is always not what they expect. I’m at my most vulnerable state when I’m like this and I need them to be there for me, to trust them with my exposure. They get to experience a real female sadist going into Dommespace and that can only happen if I feel safe and free with them.

With a desire to continue my impact lineup, I returned to the wall, and reached out my hand to touch it. I needed something to orientate me, something to ground me. I laid my body against the straight, still divider, to be able to handle the psychedelic ecstasy that was pulsing through my veins. The cold wall kept me in reality.

Reaching into my bag, I reselected my paddle – heavy wood with holes that allows the air to escape for harder contact with the skin. It is made for solid hard-hitting strikes.

Using the knee-bench of the horse, I stood over My sub, facing his back end. Standing tall above him, I saw the crowd in the club watching. I had quite forgotten they where there.

Bending, I rubbed my paddle over My sub’s ass. Then I struck, hard and solid. Over and over. Each cheek. From above, I could see the muscles of his ass flexing after each strike – amazing. Again and again, I struck, until… I realised I didn’t want to destroy him.

Coming down off the horse, I placed the paddle over his rump and half laid over him, my lips to his ear, just to check in. I took up his lobe in my teeth and bit, before nestling my face onto his. Affection is something I generally withhold from My subs unless it is an impulse that is so natural, my mind isn’t even aware that I’m doing it. Unless it is perfect, like this moment. I stayed there with him until I suspected his pain had waned.

‘We have one more,’ I whispered. He knew what that one more was – my German rubber flogger. It is the one I always save for last. ‘Just two,’ I declared. ‘But they are going to hurt.’

He consented.

Off him again, I was back at my bag picking up the full-length flogger. As I took my place behind My sub, someone stood beside me. And spoke Spanish.

‘No hablo espanol,’ I replied.

‘Oh, where are you from?’

My chest hurt from being broken off from the connection with My sub… my psychedelic feelings were in limbo. ‘Australia,’ I quickly replied, hoping to regain my connection with My sub.

‘How long are you hear for?’

‘I live here…’

‘Oh, that’s great…’ the person remarked. ‘Is he your sub,’ they nodded to My sub on the horse.

‘Yes,’ I said wanting to return my mind to him.

‘Is he your boyfriend?’

‘No, he is one of My personal submisisves. I have many.’

‘I have a friend here who doesn’t know how to flog. Can you show them on your sub?’

My heart sank. Were they expecting me to stop mid-scene to give a flogging lesson?

‘No,’ I said. ‘I’m about to finish and he’s had a long session. His ass can’t handle any more after this.’ If it could have, I wouldn’t have given him up anyway. He was mine for the night to share him with no one, especially after what he was giving Me. I don’t do possession, but I had felt so close with him, I needed him all to Myself.

‘Oh, ok.’ The intruder finally backed away.

I hung my rubber flogger down to my knees, wondering if I could ever regain the feeling with My submissive that we were experiencing moments earlier. I swung and struck his ass. He jolted because he didn’t expect it. He jolted because it was hard. That swing was not what I wanted. My feeling for it had been stolen by the interruption… and I was upset. I struck again at the other cheek, just to get it done.

Coming in, I knelt by My sub to check the pain he was feeling.

‘It was a nine.’

‘A nine? Are you teasing me? You know what happens if you are teasing me?’

‘Yes,’ he laughed. ‘But it was a nine.’

No way in hell was I satisfied with just a nine. ‘We can’t have that on our last,’ I declare. ‘I want to go to eleven.’

He hestitated… and I knew what I was asking was a little naughty… but I wanted him so badly… I needed him. I desired his surrender, for him to give in to Me. To have mercy on Me that I truly had to have him.


He gave me permission and the intimate feeling of him returned to Me… the feeling between us resurfaced… This is what I desired most.

I re-stood my ground behind him and I struck two times, swinging my whole body into the flog, trying to get him to eleven. After I hit him, he held still. There was no squirming, no body rippling, no getting up off the horse to signal his body had had enough. I came in wondering what went wrong.

‘And that?’ I asked.

‘Was over eleven.’

‘Seriously, over eleven…?’

‘Way over eleven.’ He said it, and he was ok with it… He was all good. It made me so happy to hear that. It made me happy that he was good with it all.

I set aside my flogger and returned to his ass to see my effect. I crouched in my boots to get a better look. The flogger’s stripes had beautifully caressed his hot skin, and I brushed my cheek over them to feel his warmth radiating. My palms held the apples of his ass to witness his blood rising. With my knees to the floor, I held onto his ass and lowered my head to fully take in the pleasure. A position of supplication, I wanted to hold onto this moment, to keep the feeling, to beg it to never leave. I stayed there just long enough to be brave to stand again and end the session.

Helping My sub to his feet, we had to wait for him to regain his balance before he could pull up his pants. We were both is a slow stupor, knowing what had just happened, but not quite ready to move on yet.

Other people would want to use the horse, so we cleaned it, gathered my things and moved to a quieter area off to the side. We sat close to talk, our heads touching as if whispering, and I held onto his neck as if kissing him. We needed time to rest – physically and emotionally – to be able to process the experience we just had. We could sense people circling, waiting for a way in to ask Me to do them next… but I just couldn’t. I wanted to bask in the feeling I had created with My sub… I wanted to be with him, and so he protected me from the others.

We talked the rest of the night, in the club, during the walk home and at the stop off to get some churros… until we said our goodbyes. Emotionally tired, I looked forward to bed, but was sad to know that sleep would probably steal away my feelings…

…But they haven’t. Now in the morning, I have that afterglow of an amazing experience… I am exhausted, but satisfied.

At my doorstep I had asked My sub, ‘So now you finally know what it’s like to be with Me and where we can go. What do you want? Do you want to continue our D/s? Or should we say goodbye?’

‘I want to continue…’ he had said.