The Marilyn Monroe Wonder

This is something I rarely reveal in public… 

I’ve seen thousands of Pro-Dominatrix sites and their Social Media. What most, if not all, have in common is how they spin a story that they are a ‘master of mind penetration’. They say they understand men and that they can make them turn putty in Her hands, as if that is the thing men desire from Her the most. But yet, I know most Pro-Dominatrices, (if not all), don’t do the one thing a man truly desires.

What does a man desire? To be desired.

This is something that today’s Pro-Dominatrices will never offer. They set up an emotional barrier between them and their clients. She uses Her beauty to lure, and business to separate. It means clients never get that experience they are truly looking for. The reason for it… they are a client. That’s the problem. But what if they become more than a client? What if they become a benefactor…?

Now some are in the belief that as soon as money is in the picture, that you can never have a real experience with true emotions and desire. They would be wrong.

The best Dominatrices are the ones who know how to authentically desire each and every man that enters their realm – they are the most taboo, and the most sort after. But, they are selective, of course, with who they allow to enter; they have to be in order to have enough finances to be who they are. And they are strategic, only allowing the depth and breadth of desire to exist on the capacity of the submissive; they are in full control of their desires and manage them accordingly for the benefit of Herself and Her benefactor. These Dominatrices are the Classic, more seen as traditional Mistresses, and in the earlier days, Courtesans.


How money becomes a symbol of admiration, and an activator of desire

When money is offered it isn’t from a submissive for business, but a benefactor for living. It is a privilege to be a benefactor of such a woman, and in private circles, even a boast. (Where do you think the idea of personal sponsorships came from…?) It is like having a passion to support the Arts (or sport or archaeology or space exploration) – to enable artists the freedom to create. How can poetry exist if the poet is starving? Such philanthropy allows a Mistress’ realm, Her artistry, not only to exist, but to flourish – it enables a Dominatrix to be a Dominatrix.

This type of philanthropy is generally part of the noble mindset. It is the men who adore the existence of such a woman, what she means to the world and his life, who enable Her to be who she is. And it is because of such men, the myth is real, which delights the minds of men the world over. I call it the Marilyn Monroe Wonder. The fascination and wonder, a joy even, of knowing such women exist and have existed. To understand with different analogy: Knowing that lions roam free in Africa, being delighted with that knowledge, is the same feeling a lot of men have knowing such a woman exists, and lives the way she does – She is a wonder in their world. Now imagine if you were the man who enables the lions to roam free in African because of your philanthropy… She is a wonder in the world, thanks to Her benefactor.

So, when such a Dominatrix has such a benefactor who treats Her as a wonder of the world, enabling her to live the life she wants, to be who she is, you can finally understand how money can create a true connection and authentic desire between them.