Beautiful Weakness

When I whisper in a new sub’s ear, ‘I want you to fuck me,’ they are faced with a dilemma. Do they fuck me like a ‘man’ or a sub. I never tell them what I want, what would be the fun in that? So, they have to decide how they are going to do it… And I most certainly make it hard for them.

To fuck like a ‘man’ I mean stereotypically, as in a vanilla encounter. This means the man is the lead, or Top in BDSM. He is the active person and the woman is passive. But I tell you what, I never was very good at just lying there… it takes a lot of energy for me to do that.

To fuck me like a ‘sub’ I mean stereotypically, as in only doing what I have told him to do. This means he takes on the task and rules very seriously, being careful not to go outside the lines. He is active but only to the extent of the parameters I have set. It is both eye-opening and frustrating for me. I enjoy a sub who does exactly what I say… but sometimes I just want him to break the rules, even though he knows I will punish him for it; for him to claim his punishment so he can indulge a little beforehand is a bitter-sweet predicament. I want to see where his value lies.

But, it’s always fun to make a new sub vanilla fuck me. I tell him the rules, which actually means it’s not a vanilla fuck at all but… once a Domme, always a Domme. I’m very fond of giving them a time limit. Five minutes. They have to fuck me in five minutes otherwise they don’t get to finish.

Of course, every sub complains at the five-minute rule, so does every manwhore. I wonder why – tongue in cheek. Some don’t want it to finish so quickly, and some are worried about being able to finish at all. The other night a sub complained because he wasn’t even hard yet when I wanted to set the timer. We had just run up the stairs from the street and stripped, and I waved my phone at him ready to go. He timidly said, ‘Oh, you’re not gonna let me get hard first?’

I laughed, ‘you want a head start, do you?’

‘Yes, Miss.’

‘Ok…’ And as a penalty, I said, ‘I’m not going to orgasm.’

‘You’re not, Miss?’

‘No. I want to see how you perform.’ I had already seen him masturbate. Now, I wanted to see him fuck. I wanted to see if he knew how to create sexual tension, if I could feel a primal hunger in him, which is rare in a sub. Sub’s usually control their primal appetite – it is part of their submission to control themselves as such. (Have I ever told you how much I delight in making the strong succumb to their weaknesses…?) But from time-to-time, their primal instinct is needed in certain situations, especially when their Domme is a sexual deviant, like me. So, I wanted to see if this sub had a primal bone in his body.

I came in close to him and held onto his cock, gently stroking, while I kissed him. He took the liberty to feel between my legs… my wetness… only because I let him, of course. I was very curious: was he going to fuck me like a sub or a man…? When he was hard enough, I gave him the condom, slid onto the bed and pressed start on the clock. I was not going to help him one bit. I wanted to know if he knew how to handle a woman’s body. I wanted to know if he would make the most of me, to enjoy himself, not caring about the time, knowing he’d get punished for it but doing it anyway… or if he would only have the task in mind, the rules and command.

I watched him crawl to me and casually slip in between my legs. The clock was ticking and so he didn’t waste time in entering me. I watched him from a distance, not giving him anything, though there was one point I could have slipped my fingers into his ass. He didn’t manhandle me, but he was confident enough to slip his arms under my legs to make me roll back into a casual deck chair position.

Once, he said, ‘Turn over’, and I scoffed at him, of course.

‘You want me to be your slut?’ I challenged. I presumed he was thinking about completing the task on time, rather than thinking about me.

‘No, Miss.’ He was very penitent when I called him out on it.

The chimes of my phone were too delicate for me to recognise what they were at first. They must have went on for at least a minute before I realised it was the alarm. My sub hadn’t finished… and when he realised his time was up, I could sense the holding back in his body… that he was willing to stop and accept his failure… But darn it, I wanted more. I wanted to see how he orgasmed while inside a woman – what does his body do, how does he sound like – without any other stimulation that could affect his ‘base state’. Basically, I wanted to see him orgasm under his own steam. All in the name of domination, of course. How many men could cum under the prying eye of a Domme, while using her body? But really, if I know him, and his base state of pleasure, I can then know how to take him further, beyond what he has ever experienced before.

His orgasm was very sweet, and I tried not to giggle. After a few kisses he pulled away and sat up. Of course, I looked at the condom to make sure he had a big load. He had a ‘no touching’ stipulation put on him the last week. And when I told him it was time for him to leave and to put on his clothes, he did what they all do… got a little disoriented at the fact he was being kicked out so quickly. It makes me wonder, ‘Surely, there are other girls like me that fuck ‘em and kick ‘em to the curb?’

The sweetest thing, he knows he didn’t get much of me… just my body. That might be enough for most kinksters, but not subs. Yes, they see it as a privilege to be so physically close to their Domme – not many Dommes would allow it – but a true submissive also yearns to know he has pleased his Dominant by obeying her and being what she wants. This he doesn’t know.

There will be a time when I will seduce his primal state to overpower his submissive control. Imagine the beautiful agony of him succumbing to his weakness, when all he ever wants is to be strong for me. Oh my!