The Pizza Boy

I was editing a porn video at a Domme friend’s place when I got his text at 1am. He was suffering from the ‘no touching’ stipulation I had put on him. Not coming for a few days, then going out drinking on a Saturday night and not being able to take anyone home, was taking its toll on him. Haha! But I didn’t care. I wanted what I wanted – a big load – and he was going to give it to me or pay the price of failure.

The next day, the smells of the city street were making me hungry – Asian, Mexican, Italian – Oslo is finally getting there with international cuisine. It was early evening so people were still out in the twilight. I reached his building and… of course, his apartment was on the fifth floor… and there was no elevator. I would so love to have an Igor follow me around the city to sessions, lugging my heavy bag full of dildos, whips and chains. Have him wait for me in the stairwell while I session, so he can then carry the shit back to my place again and then clean the tools and handwash my lingerie – Haha.

The door opened and… I am never what they expect. You can study pictures and writings from someone but you never get them fully until you feel their energy. I’m not imposing, I’m quite friendly, actually… they can feel I’m a dominant woman, but I don’t Domme them automatically. I lull them into a false sense of security – my dominance creeps up on them. I looked around his apartment to quickly assess what I can use to my advantage for the session. There was a lovely supporting beam in the middle of the floor… no way was I going to pass up that opportunity. The sub closed the windows – thank god, because all I could smell was pizza wafting in from the street below. I asked the pizza boy if he was a screamer – joking, not joking. He said no, unfortunately, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be…haha!

This dude was a masochist… not technically a submissive but a sexual sub, or bottom. I can work with that. Before I met him, I could sense he would require a more masculine power from me in order to feel controlled… there was just something in his air… and I was right. He’s the type of guy that has had too many subby girls turn jelly around him and he really wanted something more. I could see how he was really hoping not to be disappointed… that I was who I portray myself to be on Fetlife… that I wasn’t just a subby girl in disguise.

Wow… it is actually difficult when they have high hopes and expectations – he wanted a lot more emotionally from the session than I normally allow. No pretending… he needed to feel overwhelmed. It is hard to go deep with someone you have just met, when you don’t know their capacity, their limits or triggers. What they know of themselves and what actually happens to them during a session can be quite different. As a Domme, I need to balance my approach – keeping things on a basic level for the beginner but also invite a deluge of emotions to flow into the session, which makes things unpredictable.

After our no bullshit discussion about our plan for the session, I went into the bathroom to change. I dressed fully covered: a black glitter top with black shine pants held tight by an hourglass corset with silver Doc Martins for stomping. I sacrificed movement for effect – hardcore. The sub hadn’t experienced much impact play… no real CBT… but I was definitely hankering for some ball busting, hence the Doc’s.

I sat on the sofa and made him stand to undress in front of me. Appraisals are my payback for all the girls in the Victorian Era who had to stand in front of men and old women like show cattle to be judged in beauty and pose, to have their future predicated by what kind of gentlemen they could attract and be married off to.

I came in and felt my sub’s body. His cock was hard and I whacked it over and over, but it only got harder until it was pointing at the ceiling. I was impressed, but this was not good. He was already on the edge of exploding and so I had to find something that would kill his erection, and pain was obviously not going to do it.

‘You do not orgasm unless I say, you hear me?’

‘Yes, Miss.’

‘I mean it.’

‘Yes, Miss.’

I didn’t trust him… well, more precisely, I didn’t trust his cock. I would have to monitor him very closely. But… all I wanted to do was throw him on the floor and step on his balls. That would have to wait. I needed to take away his erection first.

On the sofa, I did a light impact scene… well, it was harder than most but that was just because I knew he was a masochist. It worked… I felt his cock and it had settled back to normal. I could tell he wasn’t at the emotional state we were aiming for so I raised the stakes. I cuffed him to the supporting beam, him on the floor so he was fully exposed… his sides… and I had free access to his cock. I flogged is cock and balls lightly before choosing my cat to do a full body attack. I struck at his sides and nipples… he was dealing with the fear of me hitting his face very well. I laughed at doing that, but I didn’t. I worked down his body to his thighs and then finally his cock and balls. A series of strikes and then a pause before I’d start again. His body wouldn’t flinch on the first few, but by the end of each series, he would tense his torso and limbs for a little protection.

Now having a tender body… a scared body… I put my boot to his balls. I squished them against himself. Then his cock. At the side, I held my knee above him and swung my boot repeatedly at his cock, kicking it. Each time the force would make it rebound back into position again driving me to kick harder. His flaccid cock began to grow thicker. I stepped on it to stop it, but his cock grew out from under my boot, surpassing his foreskin, the head becoming a deep purple. Oh, hell yes, he was enjoying this. Fascinating that ass impact play made his cock small but ball and cock kicking was magic.

I took the sub to the sofa again to feel his ass with my fingers, to stretch him for my cock. When he was nice and slutty, I returned him to the floor position so I could ravage him while flogging at the same time. His ass broke my flogger, goddammit!! So, as I fucked him in a very CNC position to give him an overwhelming sense, I spanked him and laid on top to bite him on the back. His moans became a little different, a little more desperate. I though this might be getting too much for him and I needed to change the atmosphere… however, after the session, he told me he nearly exploded on the floor.

I allowed the pizza boy to rest on the sofa… well, kind of. He was still cuffed around the beam and his legs had to bend because of the back wall. I climbed in between them and sat so I could keep the dildo in his ass while I played with his cock.

‘You are not to come,’ I reminded him.

‘Yes, Miss.’

For a little while his cock was semi-hard but then it deflated. I could tell he was using his thoughts to control his arousal. Good boy. But after a little while his pelvis was shifting up and I could tell his arousal was getting the better of him.

‘Can I come, Miss?’ he asked.

‘No,’ I said clearly.

His legs began to shake as he tried to control himself. So, I fucked his ass harder with the dildo.

‘Can I come, Miss?’ he asked again. The sub was asking because he knew he wouldn’t be able to control himself much longer.

‘I should stop right here so you don’t get to come at all,’ I threatened. As a devious Domme who likes to capitalise on situations, I knew him coming was inevitable. But, my mind-fuckery wasn’t over yet! ‘If you want to cum, beg for it.’

The sub’s legs began shaking again and he pushed his feet down on the sofa, raising his pelvis up, like he was trying to fuck the air for relief. ‘Can I come, Miss,’ he begged.

‘No,’ I said flat out. ‘You need to beg better than that.’

‘Please, Miss, can I come…’


He began pumping into the air and I fucked his ass even more, while playing with his semi. His mind couldn’t keep it down any more.

‘Please, Miss… Please, can I come… Please…’

His begging certainly wasn’t good enough for me but that is because he was zoning out. His begging was getting softer and less understandable… He was having a spell, losing reality, and after he described it as a trance.

But… my deviance had one more step – I raised the stakes again. ‘I have told you not to come. So, if you come, I will punish you for it. Are you sure you want to come?’

There was a slight moment before he sighed, ‘Yes, Miss, I want to come.’

‘The punishment will be a very harsh. Will you take the punishment so you can come?’ I reconfirmed.

‘Yes, Miss.’

‘You can come then…’

And he started gently fucking the air again as I held the dildo in and lightly pointed his cock. I could hear his relief in his moans before his cum spurted out all over his torso, hitting his own nipples. He was a little delirious at the end… half laughing and half breathing.

Allowing him to recover, I got up to prepare for his punishment. He knew what was coming, and he knew to stand at the centre beam, presenting his ass to me. My thick rubber flogger hung heavy in my hand.

‘I am only going to flog you twice. That is all you will be able to handle. The hits will be very hard, and they will hurt a lot. But know that the pain will not last. It will end. I will leave my mark on you so you will remember me for the next few days.’

‘Yes, Miss.’ He tragically leant against the beam and I pulled his hips back so his ass was out for the strikes. I stood some distance away so I could fully extend my arm to maximise the swing. With the first strike to his ass cheeks, he crumbled into the beam. It hurt him… and I loved it. There was one more left and I didn’t want to wait too long in case the insanity of him taking such a flogging went to his brain. Two strikes are the charm. The first sweetens the ass, the second is always the kill shot.

‘This one is going to hurt even more,’ I warned him. Now, the reason why I tell my subs exactly what I am going to do is so they are informed to what they are agreeing to, so he has a chance to say no. Consent is a progressive affirmation. It must be active in the scene for it to be done right.

I held my flogger for maximum impact and struck heavy. His crumbling into the beam was agonisingly beautiful to watch, and his groan was made for pussy clenching. He was a good boy accepting the condition without complaining… proving he was more than just a sexual sub, he had submissive qualities by taking punishment even after orgasm. The pizza boy knew the deal and lived up to it. Very sexy.

Afterwards we talked about his experience… and I was glad to find out he went through deeper mental states than I would have guessed from his outer appearance. I reminded him about subdrop before I left. He experienced more emotionally than most beginners, but he also had the drive to, which made it possible.