Corrupting Van Helsing

I met the young Van Helsing at the train station. A meek Dutch boy, he was casually leaning against the railing waiting for me. I recognised him straight away but he only knew it was me when I bounded up and gave a quick hug. Meet-and-greets in public places have always been awkward for me, I prefer to take my men straight to the bedroom.

The bohemian, lightly-bearded boy, fifteen years my younger, took me to a great little Mexican street cafe for lunch. We talked on many topics – the boy was an intellectualist, which I loved – but it was only when the subject turned to desires and what we’d hope for that night that I felt the pull of intimacy. Magically, talk of sexual things draws human beings closer together quicker than any other topic I know. I distinctly remember the change in tension between us, and I fell for it.

It was decided that we were going to meet at a local BDSM club early evening. Later that night I was meant to attend the German Fetish Ball but knew it wouldn’t satisfy my sadist needs. I needed an entrée to chaw on before swallowing the pomp and fluff. After three hours at lunch, – twice as long as I spend with most subs – we said our goodbye-untils and went our separate ways to prepare for the night.

The club was a little out of the way at the end of the train line. When visiting new cities I like to slum it with the people and travel by local transport. It’s the fastest way to get a feel for the city and its people. Berliners are chilled and casual, they aren’t afraid to look at you but they do it in a non-intrusive way. My bag did draw some attention with my toys protruding out from the zipper. They were covered with a plastic bag, of course, but still, they created intrigue among some fellow passengers.

Arriving at the club, I changed into my appropriate clothes. I never go out of my way to fashion myself as a Domme. In fact, many mistaken me for a submissive (I suppose just for being female) as I have a very feminine style. I don’t play to the perceptions of others – I wear what I want.

Van Helsing was at the bar. He was dressed in a leather harness, collar and black pants with some netting. I declined his offer for a drink, I prefer to savour the atmosphere while lucid… to experience every nuance of thrill and emotion running through my body… to be clearly aware of my partner and our connectivity. Raw and real is my drug.

We ventured into the play area and watched. It is always polite to allow the locals to initiate their space first. There were many couples playing – male Doms and their female submissives mostly, however, there was one dominant female playing with her male submissive. Naturally I was drawn to them.

The Domme had her tools laid out on the bondage bed close by while her sub clung to a rope net angled enough for him to release his weight into it. Her whispers into his ear made his cock hard and poke through the netting – an opportunity I would take advantage of – but her focus was the impact play. Small whips and floggers; she changed implements quickly, never quite getting to the height I needed. Her antics were certainly edging me… A sadist unsatisfied is very dangerous, indeed. I almost felt sorry for Van Helsing, for what was coming for him. Almost.

My submissive got a chime on his phone. Apparently a girl he invited to the club was being held hostage by her Uber driver outside. The area did look pretty shady and the driver didn’t believe she was going to be safe in an industrial building. My sub was going to leave me to get her. I looked him up and down – yeah, the Uber driver would certainly not let her out of the car if he saw just Van Helsing in his bondage get-up. I decided to come out to help the girl get released from the Uberman.

Just outside the American lass pointed at us and jumped out of the car. I raced over to her, still in my Domme gear, like we were old friends and we hugged. Waving at the Uber driver, I cheerily told him that we were all good and thanks for looking out for her. Somehow he was convinced. We quickly shuttled her inside, she got dressed and met us in the play space.

The American lass, about my age, was a lovely bubbly girl, bright-eyed and very excited to be at the club. She was a tourist, like me, but certainly not new to the lifestyle. At her local club in the U.S she was training to be a House Bunny. The amazing thing about Bunny was how responsive she was to the environment. Everything seemed to physically affect her and her joy was infectious.

There was an open opportunity at the St Andrews cross, and after waiting a little longer to allow locals first dibs, Van Helsing and I claimed the spot.

I put down my bag and laid out my tools on the bench. I went over safety, and I asked if it was ok if he was my practice dummy for a new long flogger I had bought the day before. Consent was given and then I proceeded to run my hands all over his body so he would get used to my touch and feel comfortable with me.

Warming up his ass first with my lighter implements, I was getting a sense of how far I could go with him. He had great masochist potential so I challenged him with some harder play making him count out the strikes. When I got to my long flogger, I reminded him that I would need some practice strokes first to orientate myself. He was cool with that.

The first couple of strokes I realised I needed to swing higher and faster because by the time the ends reached flesh, the weight of them were too heavy and I would end up striking lower than desired. I readjusted my technique and started to make an impact.

A crowd had gathered to watch – I only noticed when I had momentarily stopped to rub and squeeze Van Helsing’s ass before stepping back again for the real stuff.

I was focused on my sub until a man – obviously a leader of the community – broke into my session in front of everyone and offered me his smaller flogger, no longer than my forearm. “It’ll be easier for you,” he said. I really appreciated his concern that my flogger was big, long and heavy for a girl, that it is essentially ‘designed for a man’ (as most of the heavy duty tools seem to be these days) but fuck, I looked at his flogger up and down and declined. He didn’t understand that I needed the thrill of feeling the flogger, using my whole body to wield it, being one with it, as if it was an extension of my arm. With smaller floggers and canes you don’t need much movement in the body to use them, just a flick of the wrist, but with the bigger, longer, heavier tools, I need to use my body weight to lean in, to shift, to cast. It gives me a whole body sensation as I play – I have to physically exert myself with each stroke. It’s very satisfying. The man’s intentions were from the right place – I’m never quick to take offense – and even though my swings might not have been as eloquent at first, by the end, I was owning it and Van Helsing took it like a champ.

In such clubs after my first play, I hope a hardcore masochist would reach out and want to play… and they usually do. But alas, this time no one came forth. There has only ever been one masochist that has surpassed my expectations and exhausted me before his ass was spent – a beautiful six-foot, heel-wearing, sissy. I will always remember her.

It was after twelve and I was famished. Van Helsing, Bunny and I got half dressed and made our way to the McDonald’s down the road. Calories. Yum!

Fuelled up, it was time for Van Helsing and I to get serious. When we returned to the club it was uncannily cleared out. Only a few were playing in little makeshift nooks. We chose a corner space divided by black plastic sheets for privacy. I told him to strip and get onto his hands and knees on the floor mats. I always inspect my sub’s ass with my fingers so I can choose the right peg.

Bunny came in and casually sat on the mat next to us.

“Are you going to watch?” I asked, making sure she knew that Van Helsing and I were about to have a session.

“Ooo! Yes, please!” she gleefully chirped.

Taking my fingers out of Van Helsing’s ass, I sat him up. “Is it ok if she watches?” I checked. Of course it was, but I suddenly had other ideas…

Putting on my strap-on, I locked and loaded one of my bigger pegs. When I slipped it into Van Helsing, I saw Bunny’s eyes widen with bright stars. I asked her, “You want to join in?”

She clapped with delight and asked what I wanted her to do. I passed her another peg and instructed her to set it against her pussy, kneel at Van Helsing’s head and fuck his mouth. She squealed and clapped again with glee, and did exactly what I told her.

Van Helsing was gurgling on her cock as she fucked his throat, and he was groaning deep as I thrust mine into his ass while holding onto his harness tight. He was pinned between the two of us like a little piggy on a spit. The chuckles from Bunny and I drew attention from the outside and a few voyeurs began to peek through the curtains.

Bunny repositioned herself and she asked if she could kiss him. I nodded, and he accepted, and she plunged her lips onto him. She was hungry, primal, almost eating him… Her sexual energy was just too good to watch, she definitely wanted more…

Good girl!

I asked her if she wanted to get fucked. She squealed with excitement. I slipped out my peg and changed the condom while the others rested. Then, putting my strap-on harness on Van Helsing, I made sure his cock was restrained underneath. Bunny bent over and I helped guide the peg into her pussy. No pleasure for him, Van Helsing was just a fuck toy for now. He moved, fucking her like there was no tomorrow while I whispered naughty things in his ear. Bunny was going wild, squealing with every pump. I wanted to see just how far we could push her…

Putting a condom on Van Helsing, I told him to double penetrate her – cock in pussy, peg in ass. Bunny bent over even more, spreading herself wide in anticipation. Once in and warmed up, Van Helsing was making Bunny laugh like a hyena. I reached under her, squeezing her ample breasts, pinching her nipples, making her whimper and shiver. But it was when I slid my fingers to her clit and played – slapping and squeezing and flicking – that Bunny began to shake and she suddenly squirted all over us. The gush was so powerful it splashed up off the mat. We didn’t stop and it wasn’t long before we were all kneeling in a pool of Bunny’s juices. She was a little embarrassed but no way in hell were we done!

Laying Van Helsing on his back, I instructed Bunny to double ride him so I could watch her tits bounce while I played with her clit. With his cock in her pussy, peg in her ass and my fingers on her nib, she gushed continuously over him.

Standing her up, I made her lean over a stool so Van Helsing could get more grip holding her hips to pump into her ragged holes. And then, from behind I used another peg to hand-fuck Van Helsing’s ass, using his movements thrusting into Bunny. Over and over again Bunny would raise her squealing, told onto the stool tightly, squirt to flood and shake violently. She was getting delirious, wobbly. I came in close to support her on the stool so she could take some more.

Like a waterfall, Bunny squirted, reaching her final body-shaking peak before collapsing to the floor, half laughing, trying to catch her breath. She clumsily picked herself up like a baby horse findings its legs for the first time and excused herself for the bathroom.

Helping Van Helsing take off my strap-on harness, he was still pumping himself.

“You didn’t come?” I whispered.

“No,” he whispered back.

I was a little surprised but I had a sense he was saving himself… for me.

Coming in close, our lips collided in a delicate kiss, much different from the hunger that had just happened. He impressed me… how he could match my elegant temper, containing his aggression for a more sultry encounter with me. My hand naturally found his rock hard cock and our kiss deepened. He wanted to fuck me… but my subs never get what they want.

Turning him around, I leaned against the window, and him against me – a standing spoon. Reaching around, I squeezed his shaft, rubbed over his pre-cum and started pumping as if his cock was my own. With my other hand I felt all over his body – through his hair, down his neck, shoulders, chest and side. His gentle moans were almost heartbreaking. He laid back into me, head resting back on my shoulder as my body embraced him, my hand using him. I wanted to spray his cum all over the room on top of the female wetness that had already drenched the place. Coming up to orgasm he held my hand on his cock to try and slow it down… to try and make himself hold on for a little longer. As he came he melted into me.

We rested for a moment, lightly giggling, grasping the experience.

Being good little players, we cleaned up the space – it took us a while. After, I sat in the bar. Bunny was there in the middle of an impact session with a German couple. The Dom was finding her giggle zones while his submissive was sucking on Bunny’s nipples.

Van Helsing soon joined me on the lounge to watch the scene playing out in front of us. The club was quiet – it was only the five of us, and the bar tender.

The scene turned more aggressive. From behind, the Dom held Bunny’s hands together while he strangled her throat with his other arm. His sub knelt at her pussy, licking and sucking. “I love your taste,” the sub complimented her.

Leaning into Van Helsing, I whispered, “That’s because Bunny is seasoned with your spice.”

He giggled, and leaned closer to ask, “Do you have sex with your subs?”

Yikes. That’s always a tricky question. “It’s not just about orgasm for me, it’s so much more,” I replied. “Sometimes, if the chemistry is right… But it’s rare for subs to get to me.” I raised my gaze and he was right there, his eyes meeting mine.

“Did I get to you?” he meekly asked.

“No,” I confessed. A pang of guilt hit me. He could have got to me, I felt it in our kiss, but I didn’t let him. I give different people different parts of me, never all of me. It’s just how I am. But what I do give is always true.

Resting together in the afterglow, we enjoyed watching Bunny being strangled and fisted, and then while squirting all over the sub underneath she yelled out, “Best. Night. Ever! I love Berlin!”

Van Helsing and I chuckled. It was a good night, a very good night. It’s not often you’d have three strangers from around the world – two cougars and a cub – meeting for such a fantastical time.

We got dressed, packed our bags and said farewell to Bunny with another Uber. Then there was just me and Van Helsing at 5am standing in the Berlin twilight. These moments are always hard, but precious. We took a picture for keepsake and casually said goodbye.

I had plans to go back to my hotel, get changed and head off to the German Fetish Ball – German clubs are known for going into the pm’s the next day – but I was satisfied. I didn’t need more. I wanted to bask in the experience I just had rather than layering another on top too soon. Savouring a fantastic night is always better.