Male Orgasm

BDSM shot

Did you know there are three different ways a man can orgasm?

  1. The Standard Orgasm – stimulation of the cock to ejaculation. This can be done externally via masturbation (hand jobs, vibrators, slaps, fleshlight) or internally via penetration (pussy, ass, mouth).
  2. The Immaculate Orgasm – stimulation of the body to ejaculation, without cock stimulation. This can be done through kissing, nipple play, pain, etc, and especially ass penetration. Many have experienced Immaculate Orgasms as a ‘wet dream’.
  3. The Assgasm – stimulation of the anus, rectum, or prostate to assgasm (anal orgasm). This can be done through anal sex, digital stimulation or penetration, analingus, or use of an anal sex toy. Multiple assgasms can be achieved in a short period – eg. 6 assgasms a minute.