Double Domming

Several years ago I put up a personals ad asking for a masochist for a double Domme session.

I was so up for this. The plan was to have an impact training session, and it still was, but… I wanted more… I needed to fuck.

It was easy to select our sub… he was first. And, he was eager in a perfectly non-needy way, diligent, followed instructions well and easy to arrange the session with. He was the perfect example of a dream session sub. And, I wanted to fuck him. Yes, I was up for it no matter what… but I want to fuck him. So, I asked. I know it wasn’t part of the original plan but I hoped he would indulge me. And he was more than happy to accept. Whoohoo!

We spoke quite briefly on a chat app. I instructed him to edge but not cum for four days. He did this, and checked in every night with me. And when I asked for pictures, he gave them. He did what I asked perfectly. The fourth day was, of course, the hardest for him. The anticipation and horniness meant he found it difficult to concentrate at work and kept daydreaming about our session. Of course, that is always designed. At this point, most confess that they are afraid to burst too early during the session… but I tell them it would be a compliment. Just the thought of someone bursting uncontrollably on the impact table makes me weak at the knees.

On the Thursday night, I arrived at the play apartment. Miss J was waiting and happy as usual. Our sub messaged us saying he needed more time to prepare himself. He was always very thoughtful, but it also gave me more time to organise with Miss J.

I laid out our tools on the table in the living room, and the tools for me in the bedroom. I was very excited to show her my cricket bat. Miss J had never seen one before, so I was happy to explain how it will hurt. That and, ping pong bats, the top of a fishing rod, a rubber thong (flip-flop) and the other tools for sound, warming and spitting.

My phone chimed and the sub was at our meeting place. I made him wait five minutes… I do like my subs to simmer in the knowledge that they are really doing this. I always dress in street clothes to meet people in public. I’m quite ‘daggy’ as I like wearing loose fitting clothes and my style is more bohemian, very different to a Norwegian. Plus, I didn’t want to draw attention to us… having him blindfolded was enough.

I walked out onto the street, turned the corner and no one was standing outside the sweet shop. People were coming and going down the walking street… there were some cyclists and scooterists… but there, sitting on a bench across the way, was a guy… and I knew it was him. I casually walked past behind him, pretending to be oblivious, typing on my phone. I stopped ten meters up and waited for him to reply to my text, ‘Ok… are you on the bench?’
He wrote a straight, ‘yes’.

I turned, strolled up and sat down next to him. ‘Hello,’ I said innocently enough.

We chatted briefly. I wanted to get a sense of how nervous he was… and how much pre-care I would have to give him. (Yes, no one ever talks about pre-care, but it is vital for any play.) It was important that my new sub felt safe with me as I was asking a lot of him – fear was going to be a large part of our play. Blindfolds, masks, secret entrances, strange places, strange women, being struck without knowing by what, pain and suffering, along with nakedness and sexual exposure. Fear heightens the sensation of experience, but is also makes them connect with me as their protector, a very special relationship developed so quickly, indeed.

The sub seemed excited more than anything. I explained how we were going to get into the apartment, and took him to the blindfold point on another street and instructed him further before covering his eyes. It meant he had to trust me to lead him across a road straight away… and after that, he didn’t know where. I asked if I could hold his hand – he allowed – and we crossed the road together. He could feel being taken through heavy gates, then up a path, hear me press the security box to be let into the building, being shuffled into a lift and made to stand while I took pictures, then shuffled out again into an apartment, and into a room. On the way we chatted about protocol. I made sure he knew how to address a Domme and I told him he was only allowed to speak to me, he was not to address the other Domme. In the apartment, he would have heard me close the bedroom door behind us. Only then did I take off the blindfold. I asked him if he still wanted to do this. And he said, ‘yes’.

I instructed him further on what was going to happen next. I put on a mask that covered his whole face, including his eyes, and then I changed in front of him… taking off all my clothes to put on my Domme gear. He stood and waited. I came to him so he could do up my back zipper. I lead him out to the living space to meet Miss J. They held hands so he could know she was a real person. We talked through safety and then I led him back to the room again.

I asked if I could undress him. He agreed. I unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off him, undid his trousers and pushed them down his legs. I stripped him of his underwear. He was blindfold and naked in front of me. ‘Can I touch you?’ I asked.

With a yes, I laid my hands on him, feeling his whole body, his cock and balls, and his ass. I am a very sexual creature – I wanted to fuck him right then and there, and I would have, if it wasn’t for Miss J patiently waiting for us in the living room. His erotic breathing, the way his body reacted to my touch made me super wet. While playing with his cock, I whispered in his ear that if pleased Miss J, we would return to this room afterwards and he’d be greatly rewarded. He certainly wanted that.

Taking both his hands I led him through to the play area. We had a bench for him to kneel on, raising him up for an easy flogging height. We started our training session. I took off the blindfold section of the mask so he could see for balance. He was up on a table so it was important for safety that he could maintained his equilibrium. I drew impact aiming marks on his ass, and zones on his body to signify the ‘allowed’ parts to be hit, to protect our sub. The impact play was very casual and normal – Miss J and I were laughing and chatting while our sub was bent on all fours, his ass exposed and his cock and balls played with by me. We went though different implements, testing them out, allowing Miss J practice. I instructed on pain thresholds and how to alternate to help the sub endure more. All the while, I played with my sub’s body, whispering to him, telling him what a good boy he was, and how I wanted to fuck him. At times I would scratch through his impact marks for an extra pinch, and I bit into his ass giving him a light hickey.

Us Dommes had a little break for refreshments while our sub waited in a lazy humble pose in the corner. I sat beside him to take pictures, and gave an appraisal of his body. As his torso was stretched out, you could see the beautiful lines of his muscles, as his cute ass sat on his feet tucked in under him. It is a very good fucking position as he is totally exposed, his ass open and ready. But it is also a nice position for me to lay on the floor to lick his man-pussy.

After our little pause it was back to the impact table. Miss T and I chose a tool each to try. I was excited about the cricket bat, and it was hard not trying to swing for a sixer. Miss T chose a double bare cane. It stings but also gives a great sound. The ping pong paddles were next. We beat on his ass making rhythms like his cheeks were bongs.

Our sub’s ass was becoming a little spent but Miss J’s hunger for pain was insatiable. Something had to be done. He needed rest, I wanted to fuck but she didn’t want to stop. Gosh, the sacrifices I make!!! – for the first time, in like forever, I offered my body to the new sadist. I told my sub that when Miss J beat me to the point of high pain, I would bite him to be relieved of it. I don’t mind receiving pain as long as I have a face to punch to get out my sexual anger. Pain doesn’t make me weak or whimper, it makes me highly aggressive that I want to tear the person apart. I’m a fighter, not a flighter.

I laid long on top of my sub to expose my meaty ass to Miss J. She was using my hardest flogger – a long, black PVC attacker that I bought in Berlin. Now, I’m a screamer at the best of times… When I experience erotic pleasure, especially sexual pain, a serpent slinks through my body making me thrust and writhe and growl and scream out like I’m being fucked by a steely cock. It’s a complete erotic high that physically manifests and I cannot control it. It is a side of me that I rarely show and here I was trying to suppress it – we didn’t want the neighbours to freak out.

Miss J flogged my ass heavy and hard – one strike at a time so I could experience it completely. With each attack I’d moan and wail. I grabbed onto my sub beneath me, digging my nails into his soft flesh, thrusting my hips into his ass and carnally bit him on his sides. Oh, the noises he would make!! The squirming he did!! And I would tell him how grateful he should be to me for taking his punishment. ‘Yes, Miss,’ he certainly knew it!

My arousal was too much and I longed to fuck my sub. I begged Miss J to let me to wear my peg so every time she beat me, I could violently thrust it into my sub… fucking him as fiercely as the pain in my body. I begged her!!! But she said no. And I felt the sting of her power as she denyed me what I wanted.

At this point, I was so crazy for my sub. I had to try very hard not to lose my composure when I got up from him and said it was time for us to retreat to the bedroom. I invited Miss J in, and she said ‘yes’! Oh, I was so excited! Until she realised it would be a fuck fest and not a pain fest. Then she declined. Oh well… there is always a next time.

She asked what she should do when I took my sub to the bedroom. I told her to watch TV. She laughed, because that is exactly what she wanted to do. But what could I say? The *bitch had stolen most of my fuck time!

I instructed the sub to thank Miss J and say goodbye. It would be the last he would see of her that night. He was very gracious, but also only said what I made him say.

I couldn’t get my sub into the bedroom fast enough. I over chatted to him as we got ready. I lied and said it was to give him rest from the impact session – I was actually trying to get in control of my adrenaline so I wouldn’t split him in half in the first five minutes.

We went for a smaller peg so I could really go rough and hard. I’m not sure the order of events – to be honest it’s all a blur because I was on such a high – but I had this amazing urge to kiss him. It is something I don’t do. Kissing is way too intimate, and I just never want to get that close. But I couldn’t help it. I came in close almost forgetting myself. I stopped at the threshold of his lips and asked, ‘May I kiss you?’


I plunged my lips onto his, and I just had to get my cock into him! If I wasn’t a practiced Domme, I would have thrown him on the bed and taken him straight up. But, I stuck to my protocol – safety first. I gloved and felt his ass with my fingers – I always need to see for myself how stretchy their ass is. I love doing that… sometimes I get jealous of my pegs for being able to feel inside, feeling his softness, his sluttiness, when I’m fucking him. Oh, if only I had a man-clit!

So, this is where I started to zone… things get a little hazy… I fucked him from behind and he sat back into my lap so I could thrust up into him. He reached round to hold onto my legs. A very intimate move that I don’t normally allow. I flipped him over because I wanted to kiss him as we fucked. His hands wondered all over me, something that I am not used to – I don’t let subs touch me. I said something about it – I can’t remember what – and he said something back… something about him needing it.

A knock on the door came and Miss J asked how we were doing. I thought she had changed her mind and wanted to join, and I told her she was welcome. She declined and restated that she was just seeing how we were going. It suddenly dawned on me… it was her code for letting me know the husband was returning home.

Fuck! I took too long… there was no opportunity for a pussy fuck. Something I never do with strangers, but gosh, I was aching for this sub. Alas, it was not in favour of the gods.

But, I love this couple – Miss J and the husband. They are so sexy. I’ve had the husband, and boy, he is pretty fantastic! One of the biggest sluts I’ve ever met. (And if you’re lucky, I’ll share him with you.) But, oh right! I needed to speed things up so there wouldn’t be an awkward passing of two subs in the hall.

I fucked my boy in missionary so we could kiss and I could hold a vibe to his cock for a speedy orgasm. It is always hard to choose where to look when they orgasm. I love looking into their eyes to witness their pleasure, but that is so intimate. I usually choose to watch their cum spurt out of their cock… and I had to watch this one because I had to aim him back onto himself. I didn’t want to have a huge mess to clean up… since the husband was due back any moment.

My sub gave me a big gooshy pile of cum! Yes!! I dipped my finger in it… I would have loved to suck on it but instead I wrote my name on his chest, telling him he would only see it under CSI investigation. He laughed.

‘Well, it’s time for you to go,’ I said. ‘I’m kicking you out onto the street.’ He was cool with that. We cleaned up fast. He redressed and I re-blindfolded him. He knew the drill. I led him out with both hands until we got outside. Then I wrapped his hand around my arm, leading like a gentleman through the courtyard. Another man came through the main gates and walked past us with a smirk. If he only knew!

We crossed the road and I took off the blindfold. I thanked my sub. He was wonderful. I reminded him about subdrop and that he can contact me any time, just to talk if he needed it. We hugged each other, and he held onto me for a while, his hands feeling over my back. It was a nice thank you. Then we parted.