Getting Into The Minds Of submissives

I don’t talk about penetrating your mind and seducing you into submission because… I’m a real sadist.

I am very careful with the body, but even more so with the mind, because I know how to use you and abuse you, how to hit your core to shake your equilibrium, and how to destroy your perception of yourself. This is a talent that can be very dangerous, and I do not use it lightly. I need full consent by a submissive who is fully aware of the risks, has proven to Me they have the capacity to emotionally overcome whatever I do to them, and that I trust them, before I would even consider it.

I find penetrating the mind is the ultimate for Me. I wish to devastate My submissive, watch him crumble onto the floor with nothing left to defend himself with, to witness the beauty of him being broken and tragic. I’m not afraid to go to scary places, but I’m not going to take a sub there unless he can let go of himself and trust Me to lead him to Hell and back again.

Are you the sub that can give Me the sadistic ecstasy I crave?