Dominant, Not Domineering

Every woman’s dominance is different. The problem is, many subs have an expectation of what women’s dominance is supposed to look like – aggressive and mean. Hm.

There is a difference between a dominant woman and a domineering woman… and some are confusing the two.

A domineering woman is bossy. She’s the one that barks orders and speaks condescendingly. She’s overpowering. Everything has to be about her. She’s a dictator. If you want that, then go for it… but she is NOT a dominant woman.

A dominant woman has an inner power that evokes respect, no matter her natural disposition. She can be calm and gentle, quiet and reserved, but her power is ever present.

I do believe the way my dominance manifests surprises a lot of subs when they meet me. I know what I want, and I demand it, but I don’t talk harshly or condescendingly, or raise my voice in a reprimanding tone. I prefer to sweetly whisper in my sub’s ear to seduce him into submission. I’m a seductress after all, not a boss-lady. I don’t force or take; I lure my subs into giving in to me. It messes with my subs even more when they realise they are willing to break all their boundaries from just a murmur. I use their desire against them and that is the subtlety of dominance.

There is no need to be loud or aggressive or mean to be dominant. I’m calm and playful – I smile, giggle and laugh… and, I always get what I want.