Swinging Cats

O.M.F.G…. What an experience. It is rare to be with a man that makes me feel so feminine just standing next to him. This guy is everything you’d think a male centrefold would be. A lot of boys tell me they are cute or handsome… and I’ve been with enough of them to always take their opinions with a pinch of salt. But this boy…? When I first saw him, I so badly wanted to slap the prettiness off his face but I’m not sure I’d even make a dent. The crazy thing is, I didn’t know just how pretty he was until an hour into our play session… when I took off his hood.

He is one of those boys who has been dreaming about kinky play since his teens. Ten years later he reached out to me for his first real experience. I rejected him, of course. I prefer people with experience. Experience shows me they are serious, not a flaker and that I can enjoy myself because I don’t have to be careful as not to break them. This boy wouldn’t let me go, though. He’s the type that only wants the best and when he finds it, he never gives up until he gets it. I thought he had finally gone but he came back stronger than ever.

If it wasn’t for his character, the way he wrote about himself and his outlook on play, I would have grown tired of him very quickly. But, 20 years my younger, he had already learnt the value of a woman like me. He is the type of guy that could have any woman. His body alone would have them lining up around the corner, his face would extend that line another two blocks. That’s why I would normally say no to someone like him. Their access to abundance makes them spoilt. Several times I suggested he find a younger thing to play with… and several times he surprised me by wanting substance. Just like all men who contact me, he wants to be with a woman who truly desires erotic experiences, who finds pleasure in giving pain and extreme anal.

He wrote me again three days ago. I wrote back saying I would never take on a guy like him… telling him all the reasons why he didn’t suit me… until the end, I said, ‘But I’m curious…’ I had decided to give him a chance. Any bump or block along the way, I would use as an escape door – if our times didn’t match, the days, or my conditions, etc. But, he made everything easy. So, in less than 24 hours, we had plans to play.

I was waiting on the stoop of a closed bike store to send my last instructions before I entered his apartment. A man parked his bike to my left and then coyly walked past me to enter the Thai massage shop to my right. I quickly noticed I was being watched – a runner passing by, a man on a bike, the man stopping at the crossing in his car…

‘I’m getting some attention on the street…’ I texted my boy, to let him know how close I was. He laughed and was curious. I had a mind to make him jealous, saying I might hook up with one of these other guys eyeing me off instead… but I didn’t want to make the boy desperate.

‘I hope there is enough room to swing at cat’, I texted about his apartment.

‘A cat?’ he texted back. I burst out laughing. I suddenly realised that Norwegians might not have heard that expression before. It is a humorous way to say a space is too small. However, that expression does not mean swinging actual living cats, or dead ones (which a lot of people actually think for some reason – go figure), but instead it refers to swinging a cat-o’-nine tails, which is a whip with nine lashes typically used for punishment in the British military during the 1600’s. Ironically, I had a cat with me, so for the first time in my life I was being technically correct when asking the question. Haha! I digress…

It was time… I never like ‘ta-da’ moments with pretty boys when we meet. If he was legit about using the word ‘cute’ to ‘humbly’ describe himself, then I wanted to take that power away from him. I required him naked, hooded and on all-fours on the bed when I entered his apartment. He did just that and… I stood there for a bit… Fuck, he wasn’t lying. His body was perfectly carved and decorated in tattoos. Shit! All I wanted to do was beat the hell out of that cute ass… not a word… just beating. But, he was new to all this and I had a responsibility to ease him in to it. Darn it!

The boy’s place was the most dude-ish dude space I had ever been in. Full-on bachelor pad… testosterone oozing off the walls. If I licked them, I’m sure I’d grow chest hair. Now for play, I’m used to the softer side of the male psyche… Gosh, this space was bringing something out in me that I had never experienced before… an almost uncontrollable aggression. The boy was gonna get it!

I plonked my stuff down and sat on the bed in front of him. I was speechless, feeling the energy coming off him. All I could do was gently pucker my lips and blow on his body, along his tattoos while my mind scrambled to find words. ‘Hello,’ he broke the silence.

‘Hey,’ I said back, regretting… it meant I had to find more words.

I let him sit and put his hands on my knees. ‘See, I’m a real person,’ I teased. We chatted for a little bit. I went through safety protocols and announced the plan for the evening. I told him to put on some music, re-hood and be on all-fours, while I got changed in the bathroom.

‘And I’ll get to see you?’ he asked.

Oh. I hadn’t planned on it. I know boys are visual creatures and need that connection, but just sometimes it is so sexy for me to just leave before he gets to see my face, and I told him so.

‘That would be a shame’, he relied.

It was his sincerity that made me rethink… Fuck. Will I let him? I supposed that since it was his first time, I couldn’t be so cruel as not to let him see me… right…?

When I came back into the room, Bob Marley was playing. I was mighty impressed. I grew up listening to Marley… so cool nostalgia swept into my mood. I laid out my tools – all my favourite impact toys. This boy promised me he was into it hard… and I wanted to show him that he’ll have a long way to go before he can reach my level.

I got him to table on the bed and I spanked him with my hand to warm him up for my tools. Normally I start with a light flogger, but the softest tool I had brought was my crop. Not a pussy one from a BDSM shop, this one was a stiff crop for a horse from the farmer’s store.

There was not a peep from the boy when I struck him over and over, but his cock started leaking, and for a sadist like me, that’s a big turn on. The fastest way for a man to get me horny is to pre-cum while I beat on him.

I picked up the boy’s juice with my fingers and wiped it on his ass to add more sting to the strikes. Moving up from weapon to weapon, I kept my hardest two for last. I sat him on the bed – still hooded – to rest his ass before we moved on. Placing each tool in his hand, I wanted him to feel what was coming for him. My PVC flogger made him doubt himself for the first time.

Duct taping the boy’s hands together, I stood him up at the front door and secured him to a hook above his head. My word… I almost felt undeserving to have such a beautiful canvas to leave my mark. But, his hood made my drive to hurt him even more intense. With my three-strap leather cat, I struck at his back and ass. It hurt him. He writhed each time, but no sound. Delightful!

Every time I came in to feel his hot wounds, I couldn’t help thrusting my hips into his ass… I wanted to fuck him so badly!

With my PVC long flogger, I struck only four times – each wing and each cheek. I threw each hit hard and direct to reach the boy’s limit. He caved into the door each time but re-stood for the next blow. He told me it was his max pain threshold, and I told him that I was only going 50% of my flogging capacity. He marvelled for a second at how far he had to go to reach my limit. I could tell it was a challenge he wanted to take on… and I instantly crushed. I needed to fuck him right then and there, open his ass cheeks and thrust my cock up into him while he was still strung up to the door, still hot and sore from a good thrashing, but… all this was new to him, and whether I wanted to or not, he needed to be slowly introduced to anal.

I did my usual anal testing on the bed… one finger, two finger, three… And again, the boy hadn’t bullshitted me. Even though his one-and-only anal experience with an amateur and a small dildo was over a year ago, his ass was very hungry. He had certainly trained himself. I could feel his sweet lips kissing my fingers, releasing to my hand. He was ready for my cock. I pegged up… I had amazing plans for this boy! But first, the reveal. What can I say, he was growing on me…?

I asked him if he wanted to see me. Of course, he did. I made him sit, I sat in front of him, and I took off his hood. He saw me the same time I saw him for the first time. The boy was beautiful, of course, with a lush head of hair long enough to wrap my fingers in and pull.

Revealing my face has always been a challenge for me. I’m very natural and, I don’t wear that much makeup otherwise by the end of each session I’d have it all smeared down my face from vigorous play. And tbh, Insta girl makeup makes me look like a drag queen.

Rigging him back up to the door, I took full advantage of fondling his body. Positioning his hips to tilt back, I slipped my cock back into him. Standing gives me amazing movement and power – blessed are the dancer’s thighs! The boy was pushing back on my cock… Oh fuck! He so wanted this. If I didn’t have panties on, I’d be dripping all down my legs.

We fucked and fucked. I slid my fingers through his hair and yanked back for extra leverage. It got to the point where I was beginning to succumb to the moment… It’s not something I want to do, especially with first-time subs. I laid forward against his back and licked his skin before taking a chunk between my teeth and biting him. It was the only way I could bring myself back to reality.

Picking up a Magic Wand, I slipped back into my boy’s ass and reached round to his cock. I told him that, at first, anal makes a man’s cock limp because the body usually can only handle one stimulation at a time… but I wanted to train his cock to get hard as soon as his ass is played with without any other stimulation. I put the vibe along his shaft and held it there as I continued to fuck his ass.

All of a sudden, on the other side of the door there were people…. his neighbours. I turned off the power vibe and we held still, listening… my cock still squarely inside of him. When the people were gone, we giggled like school kids for a bit, and I told him how sexy it would be if his neighbours knew how much badass sex he was getting. He laughed, but didn’t quite agree.

We decided to move to the bed to be more discreet. On the way he asked, ‘So I don’t get to have you sit on my face…?’

‘No,’ I casually replied.

‘Why not?’

‘I don’t do that with subs…’

‘Like, ever?’

‘I need to keep something special for my lovers and manwhores…’

‘And I’m just a sub…?’

‘For now.’ Sneaky boy. I could hear the cogs in his head working overtime. ‘Get on the bed, I want to fuck your ass,’ I commanded.

I fucked him a little from behind but his bed was rather soft and bouncy… it makes it difficult to go hard and fast in doggy-style position. I told him to lay on his back so I could fuck him like the little bitch boy he was. He smirked at the intimacy of facing me and I so wanted to slap his face… I didn’t because he was a noob and I didn’t want to overstimulate him. We had a task at hand… I wanted him to cum from pegging.

Now, I’m not a small, dainty girl… I bring it to the bedroom. I rolled him and literally picked his hips up so I could easily slip my cock down into him. I don’t think the boy had ever been manhandled like that before… the smirk on his face was delectable. In such a position I am required to move a lot more… and put on a show. He can see everything… my movements, my face… my vulnerability.

The rhythm for pegging ripples through in my body, stimulating my sexual nerves. I am one of those rare ones that get heightened sensations just through movement alone. I began to slip into that state of sexual-cloud-9. It was suddenly happening to me and… Leaning forward over him I asked, ‘Can I kiss you?’


I plunged my lips onto his. Normally a kiss wakes me up to reality… feeling a different set of lips for the first time. But my gosh, his mouth was ready for me. It was surprisingly big… it was warm and juicy, with the perfect bite. It certainly didn’t break me out of my heightened state. Instead, it made me regret telling him that I wouldn’t be sitting on his face. With a mouth like his… he’d free my pussy and I’d be pouring down his throat.

I pulled up from him. I needed to settle down. I thought to focus on my thrusting… just focus. But before long, I had to kiss him again. I leaned forward and he was ready for me. I broke off again… ‘I need to settle down,’ I confessed.


‘So I can keep control.’

‘You don’t have to…’

‘When I get like this, I can’t tell what I’m going to do.’

‘You can do anything…’

I was there to be a Domme, which means to be in control. If I lost control with him… there was no telling what I’d do, and I didn’t want to put him at risk. I needed a moment… I had to break off the intensity to collect myself.

I sat back to bring myself down. I started asking about his tattoos… and then the paintings on the wall. And then we talked about loving art just for the sake of aesthetics, not meaning. We were normal… talking and laughing, while my cock was still inside of him.

I got off the bed. ‘We need more lube,’ I said as an excuse. I breathed down my anarchy as I stroked my cock for an even coating.

On the bed again, I lifted him up and slipped myself back inside him. I was feeling in control again, and my movements were strong and definite – thrusting in hard and sliding out slowly to thrust in hard again. I was loving watching the boy… my thrusting making his body ripple, my sliding out making him moan. He barely touched himself and with little warning, white stuff spurted out of his cock all over his body. It was quite a surprise for me. Usually first-timers need a lot more help to get there. I teased him for being so quick.

I pulled out, and stood up. I don’t like to stay unless necessary. I’m not a cuddle girl. I usually leave the scene to the bathroom to allow the guy to process what has just happened. When I return, I monitor his state of mind. Most are struck dumb and need alone time, which I’m happy with. Some need to talk about things before I leave to help them come down from their fragile state. I always tell them that they can contact me if they need to talk, and I remind them about subdrop.

When I came out of the bathroom, this boy was amazed at how long we had spent together. ‘I thought it was just an hour,’ he marvelled, but it had been over two. ‘You went easy on me, didn’t you?’ he almost complained.

‘Yes, you are new at this and I didn’t want to scare you. It’s not good to push limits on a first meeting’. Though, I didn’t tell him that he was far beyond any beginner I had ever experienced. His pain threshold is exciting and his anal capacity has a lot of potential…

‘Ok, it’s time for me to go,’ I announced, after all my things were packed. ‘Give me a hug goodbye.’ He gave me a bearhug in return, something I was not quite prepared for. And then I half expected him to say something about ‘next time’… but he didn’t. He let me go without having to refuse him. Classy.

But, that’s not to say he didn’t have intentions. The whole night he had been hinting, making little comments that this might not be the last time for us. I ignored every comment, of course, never letting him think or hope it would be possible, but as I was leaving, I started to waver. As a rule, I don’t see first-timers again, it’s just my way. It is always best for goodbye to be absolute. But, sometimes one comes along that is hard to let go of.

I put on my headphones and bounced down the stairs, leaving the building to venture into the night. As I strolled down the midnight street, between the lighted shop windows and the night owls making their way back home, I mused over the details of the past hours and I suddenly remembered…! Oh fuck! I had left my door hook on top of his front door. I love that hook… it has served me well over the years… Fuck! I don’t want to lose it.

Ugh, no matter all my resistance to ensure a final goodbye, I am now forced to see this boy again if I want my door hook back. The gods are cruel.