Flush Boy

As far as I can remember…. (Details do get a little hazy especially when you’re right in the middle of it – you know, hormones, horniness and humping…)

I allowed him to look at himself in the mirror… to admire himself in my clothes. He was wearing a beautiful black net corset that shaped around his nipples and held tight to his waist. I had bought a new black garter belt especially for him with two skinny straps that elegantly held my pantyhose in place over his furry thighs. And lastly, a black lacey panty shaped over the rounds of his ass, the crotch just wide enough to hold his cock and voluptuous balls in place… almost. I must say, I got his size right.

I told him to sit in the armchair so I could take pictures. I placed his legs to show his undercarriage, and then I made him spread his knees. Giving him my mini magic wand, I told him to put it to his cock. I wanted him big. I wanted him to hopelessly burst out of those tiny panties. He did so perfectly.

There were 101 things I wanted to do to him… and this boy was very responsive. If I wasn’t careful, he’d explode too soon. In his early twenties, he still had that uncontrollable sex drive. It’s great for spontaneous fucking, but when a girl has devious plans she has to manage his arousal to get what she wants out of him. A blindfold is the first step. Men are visual creatures and sometimes just seeing me makes them charge off into orgasm. Taking their sight away helps to dull their arousal to a more controllable level. So, I threw a towel over his head and secured it with duct tape.

My plan was twofold: to get him to the brink (as I was going to peg him afterwards and it is always a thrill when they cum freely from me fucking them) and, I wanted to cum! I’m first. Always first. And I was so ready! Fuck, this is the boy I edged for, while I was with another younger boy the night before. The first boy was new to BDSM. I went easy on him but I thoroughly used him – I used his cock to edge myself and I sent pics of us to this flush boy to mind-fuck him a bit before our session the next day. But after a night of edging on real cock (because I’m just that indulgent), I was so ready to cum, almost too eager…. and I had a plan… so I have no clue why I put the flush boy’s cock in my mouth first. Oops.

I asked him, of course, ‘Can I lick you?’ From his affirmative, I got the feeling he was kind of expecting it. That always makes me not want to do it. I’m an anarchist by heart… if someone wants me to do something, that’s the very first thing I don’t want to do. But I had been such a good girl for such a long time… I deserved this.

This flush boy was certainly not shy to vocalise his pleasure – I love that. It made it so easy to know what was working for him. He liked it deep, and he liked my tongue tickling his little hole. He giggled when I blew my cold breath over his wet tip. I was too presumptuous with what I wanted to do next… ripping open the condom before I asked permission to ride his cock. So, he knew what was coming… and he greedily agreed.

I stood back off the armchair and took off my black girdle. It is my robust lingerie for when I mean business. It works well with using strapons, I don’t get marks, and it protects me from wandering hands and wayward spray. What can I say, I’m a practical girl. Underneath I was wearing a silky 50s-style one-piece bodice. I do like the more classic lingerie. ‘What a pity you don’t get to see me in this,’ I teased.

I climbed on top of him, pulled the crotch of my bodice to the side and forgot that I had skin-coloured fishnets on. Fuck! I had to break them to create a hole big enough for his cock. ‘I’m just… trying… I need to just… I’m breaking…’ I stumbled as I focused on ripping my fishnets with one hand and guiding his cock in with the other.

‘I know,’ he said. ‘You’re breaking one of your rules…’

I froze. That was not expected. What a cocky bastard! ‘Have you read my stuff on Fetlife…?’ I tried not to complain.

‘Just the last few writings.’

Oh fuck… it meant that he knows I don’t suck cock and I don’t fuck and I don’t orgasm… not with subs, anyway. But here I was, sucking him… fucking him… with full intent to orgasm. He had me by the balls.

I slid down, letting him fill me. My need to orgasm was bigger than my pride. But, my god… did I want to make him pay for his cheekiness. Jealousy is a bitch and I was going to make him swallow her by bringing myself to orgasm and not him. Haha! The evilness of me.

I told him I was going to use him for my pleasure. I told him to hold still… but I know they never can. That is exactly what I expect… it gives me any excuse to bite their nipples and slap their faces as punishment. I would naturally do that just for fun but using it as a punishment makes them think there is method to my madness.

I got my magic wand and set it to my clit. It’s so strong that the vibrations go through me and reach their cock inside. ‘Can you feel it?’ I asked, knowing the answer.

‘Yes…’ he replied, as expected.

Leaning back, I made his cock push against my g-spot and opened my clit up for more sensation. He would pump every now and then, and I would let him, just so he could keep his cock hard. Though, I would have to settle him down from time to time… when he would try to take liberties. But what was going through my mind constantly was what if his parents came home early… They could walk through the door at any moment… to find me fucking their feminised son on their leather armchair. The thought both horrified and thrilled me. Here I was trusting this boy that we had the place to ourselves. For all I knew, his greatest kink could have been to get caught fucking a woman older than his mother by his parents. Yikes! Haha…

I would get to a point where I’d have to stop and sit up off his cock so I wouldn’t orgasm too soon. I wanted to thoroughly enjoy this boy. And, sometimes I could tell he was getting too close – nah, not before I’ve pegged his ass! I told him to tell me when he was too close. He would, like a good boy, but one time he just gasped in fear. I sat up and he was already zoning, head tilted back as if he was going to explode. I grabbed onto his cock and squeezed hard to try and stop him. His groans were stunted as he tried to control the pleasure… We managed to force his orgasm back down, and I realised if I rode him any more, he’d blow very quickly. Darn it! My orgasm would have to wait. But, at least he was ready for anal…

The armchair was too low for comfort. ‘I’ll need your ass higher,’ I said, as I wanted to get serious.

‘Shall we move to the double bed…?’ He asked.

I choked on air, ‘Oh, to your parent’s bed?’ I admit, I could feel my cheeks flush.