I assure you, I’m the real deal.

Through my travels, I have met some amazing people all over the world and have experienced some very kinky, fun and intimate sessions. I’m polyamorous and have several lovers, so I’m content with my relationships, though I enjoy playing with new people in the cities I travel to.

I’m an Aussie girl, a professional living in Europe. I’m a dancer/choreographer for a living. I keep fit – I fatbike, run, hike and go to the gym but I haven’t lost my feminine curves. (And yes, all the pictures you see on this site are of me.) I’m a tomboy who knows how to play with the boys… in lingerie. I’m not loud or chatty, I’m intimate and direct. I’m kinky, very dirty, I don’t play games, and I love to slap more than tickle. Attraction is important to me. I play for pleasure, not to get paid, so I can be choosy. And, I enjoy making my fantasies become reality.

I’m attracted to people who are fit and healthy. I like a person who takes care of themselves – it tells me a lot about their character. An adventurous attitude is what makes me swoon. I like those who have their shit together and take life by the balls, those who are authentic and don’t play games. I connect best with people who are positive and create their own energy, people who are young at heart, yet know the complexities of life and love, and yes, people who are kinky, bi-curious and have a high sex drive.

Being a free and open girl, I’m interested in all people – straight, bi, trans, girls, guys, singles, couples, open, polyamorous… but, bi males are my unicorns.

Do you think you have what I want?


Play Sessions

Play sessions are just that: casual dates to explore and fulfill each other’s desires.

My play sessions are about strength and endurance, pleasurable torture and pain, but also sensuality, intimacy and passion. Of course, this can only happen when I have the right sub, one who complements my sensibilities, so careful selection is in both our interests. To read more about my domination visit my Femdom page.

Experiences I’ve led during play sessions include, but are not limited to: pegging, cock and ball torture, corporal punishment (flogging, cropping, caning), bondage, orgasm control, feminisation, foot worship and sensory deprivation. I don’t do toilet or edgeplay. I enjoy an organic and positive atmosphere. Some scenes may become erotically intense, where desire surpasses our expectations. This is when it’s fun to see where our passions take us.

I’m a safety girl – Play must be safe, sane and consensual. I am clean, clear and healthy, and have regular screenings – I expect my play partners to do the same. I can have several partners during a weekend visit, so to keep us all safe, I do not exchange sexual fluids. I don’t like to negatively impact the mind or strip a sub of their dignity. I prefer to keep my sub’s confidence, and a male’s masculinity, intact. Even though I do soothe my subs and ultimately care for their wellbeing, I’m not a nurturer.

I prefer to part as strangers, taking with us a valuable experience of the human connection. Knowing as little as possible about each other, just enough to make our fleeting experience incredible, is ideal. Sometimes, if the connection has been particularly strong, I might pursue a relationship further.


Opportunities to meet

In order to make a play session happen, I need to get to know a person’s character, that they are honest and legit. I also have safety and health requirements that need to be met. And what’s more, connection is very important to me. If there is nothing there between us, then nothing will happen.

I mostly travel to cities in Europe, especially Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm and London. I have been known to return to my home country, Australia, every once in a while. I do have plans to travel to the U.S – New York and San Francisco – but perhaps next year.

When I’m about to travel, I normally put an ad on certain websites to find potential play dates. If we connect online, we make arrangements for real life. As such, nothing is ever definite until we meet in person. I’m a realist, we might not click. No matter how much prep we do to get to know each other beforehand, there just might not be enough chemistry in real life.

I like meeting in public places where you don’t have to sit on your ass and drink. I’ve been taken to the zoo, a wedding, the theatre, parks, a market, on an urban hike, but my favourite is going to social dance classes. (Not many men have the courage to dance, especially with a professional. Meeting dates that include dancing are always considered first. 💋) When we decide we both connect, we can take it further if we choose…

If you don’t want to wait for me to advertise and would like me to consider you as an option, please get in contact with me.

If you would like to bring me to see you especially for a date, say to the opera, a festival or as a dance partner for a ball, you will need to provide airfare and a suitable hotel room in advance. I particularly like travelling to cities that have a vibrant BDSM community. But, such a gesture in no way constitutes a commitment or obligation of any kind, and I would only consider this if we have made a connection online first.

Remember, I’m a private person, not a paid professional. I do not see everyone who contacts me and I am never exclusive. I usually have many play sessions organised during a trip and I normally don’t do repeats.