I am an international Lifestyle Domme. For many years I have travelled, meeting amazing people from all over the world, enjoying some very kinky, fun and intimate play sessions. I am very experienced, an extreme player with advanced techniques, and I am strict about healthy play and BDSM safety protocol.


I have a distinct Domination style and philosophy, I enjoy natural BDSM, and I am focused on erotic pleasure, not sex. I value authentic and personal experiences, and genuine connection. I have many different relationships and I enjoy exploring various dynamics. (No, I don’t switch.)

As a real Sadist, pain arouses Me, but I am focused on erotic pleasure.

A free-spirited Domme, my dominance is playful, wild, passionate and sexually charged. Most importantly, my dominance is real and organic – it is awakened and inspired by the unique connection I have with each person. I enjoy an authentic and positive atmosphere, and I’m a sucker for sexy fun. Being easy-going is one of my strengths as a Domme, but I’m certainly no pushover. As a Sadist, I know my stuff and I play hard. I look for unique opportunities to challenge and extend myself, and to make good use of my mad MacGyver skills.

I adore male submission – it’s elegant and beautiful, and damn-ass sexy. The power in a man when he embraces his submissive self is captivating and seductive. I value My submissives, desire them, admire them as human beings. Negatively impacting the mind is not my thing, nor is stripping a sub of his dignity. I don’t do possession or degradation. It’s just not in me.


Being a Lifestyle Domme, I prefer to keep lowkey as that is best for My lifestyle and submissives. I am known through certain circles in different parts of the world, but I do not expose myself widely. I attend various events around Europe, and it is always fun to meet someone who has heard of Racy Wilde and can finally put a face to the name.

However, I do like writing about BDSM and teaching others about the Domination craft and BDSM culture, so you may see some of my writings on certain websites and apps. I always like to demonstrate the beauty of real and natural BDSM and Domination/submission with photos of my personal play sessions.

If you want verification of My Femdom and experience, visit my profile on Fetlife. There you will find many pictures of play sessions, writings and interactions from over the years. I also have X-Twitter account, though it has been inactive for many years.

Frequented cities: Oslo, London, Berlin, Melbourne, Madrid and Barcelona.

I am the one and only Miss Racy Wilde. 💋