Gifting is a tradition and custom in Femdom. It is done out of generosity, appreciation and surrender, and done for worship, service, access and promise. It is a display of social politeness, gentlemanliness and good manners, an act of intension to submit and submission itself. Most importantly, it enhances dynamic between the Domme and sub.

Gift-giving and receiving is a love language.

I accept all forms of gifts, however, it is your intention that is most important to Me. I can never be bought, and gifts to dress Me up to your liking are automatically rejected. I never give out personal details for shipping and deliveries. I have provided a few methods below of how I prefer to be gifted.


If we are meeting in person for a consultation, session or at an event, you are welcome to gift Me items, especially ones I can use on you. These are the stores I like to support:


You are welcome to gift Me from My Wishtender profile. It is a safe way to tribute from wherever you are in the world. I do update things regularly on there – most gifts are local to Madrid and include lifestyle activities. If there is something particular from an international store you have in mind, you can use the ‘Surprise Gift’ option, but make sure you include shipping and import tax.

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