Why don't you show pictures on this website?

I do not host personal kinky images on this website for privacy and security, and to protect minors.

However, I have over 1000 photos of Me, My playmates and our sessions, on Fetlife.

Do you accept other kinksters as well, or just submissives?

A D/s dynamic is not a requirement. I have sessions with like-minded Dominants and Switches as well, even though I do not ever switch. All that is necessary is a mutually respectful dynamic.

Why can't we do what I want when I'm paying tribute?

Because I’m not a service Domme.

I’m a Lifestyle Domme who offers authentic experiences. I have to feel it and desire it, for it to be real. I play because I love it. I hurt you because it arouses Me. I take your ass because I thrills Me. With Me, you’ll experience what money can’t buy.

Why do you accept tribute?

Power and pleasure, baby. It thrills Me to the core to have a submissive tribute. It is taboo… and it feels divine to taste the forbidden, doesn’t it?

Paying tribute should be a pleasure for you. It should make you feel connected and submissive. It should be an expression of your devotion and worship. The giving of gifts is one of the five love languages. Not everyone has the permission to give Me tribute (I refuse many) and the fact that I would allow you to give to Me means you have My esteem.

Do you have personal submissives?

Of course. I am a Lifestyle Domme as well as a Professional. I have My own personal entourage that serve Me. Each submissive has a unique ability to please, but they also must commit to a D/s relationship and all that entails – there are many strings.