The Pizza Boy

I was editing a porn video at a Domme friend’s place when I got his text at 1am. He was suffering from the ‘no touching’ stipulation I had put on him. Not coming for a few days, then going out drinking on a Saturday night and not being able to take anyone home, was taking its toll on him. Haha! But I didn’t care. I wanted what I wanted – a big load – and

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Corrupting Van Helsing

I met the young Van Helsing at the train station. A meek Dutch boy, he was casually leaning against the railing waiting for me. I recognised him straight away but he only knew it was me when I bounded up and gave a quick hug. Meet-and-greets in public places have always been awkward for me, I prefer to take my men straight to the bedroom. The bohemian, lightly-bearded boy, fifteen years my younger, took me

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Puppy Love

I don’t do relationships or commitment, but one time I fell for a puppy. Of course, he wasn’t just a puppy… he had other amazing talents that would, quite frankly, make me blush. What can I say, I am weak when it comes to anal sluts. One time I took him with me to London for a fetish weekender. I wanted to make the most of him so it took a few months to organise the trip.

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Swinging Cats

O.M.F.G…. What an experience. It is rare to be with a man that makes me feel so feminine just standing next to him. This guy is everything you’d think a male centrefold would be. A lot of boys tell me they are cute or handsome… and I’ve been with enough of them to always take their opinions with a pinch of salt. But this boy…? When I first saw him, I so badly wanted to

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Flush Boy

As far as I can remember…. (Details do get a little hazy especially when you’re right in the middle of it – you know, hormones, horniness and humping…)Anyway… I allowed him to look at himself in the mirror… to admire himself in my clothes. He was wearing a beautiful black net corset that shaped around his nipples and held tight to his waist. I had bought a new black garter belt especially for him with two

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