Beginner’s Guide to Douching

Why You Need To Douche

Douching is the process of washing your anal canal and rectum with an applicator to clean it for anal play. It is a necessary preparation for any anal play with others.

Douching is about cleanliness, comfort and confidence. More specifically:

1. Hygiene – Douching cleans and readies your body for anal play, which reduces health risks for both you and your partner.

2. Dignity – Accidents are an accepted part of anal play. However, they can make you feel insecure and embarrassed, and not in a good way. An accident can impact your mood, break the D/s dynamic and make the atmosphere tense. However, this risk can be thoroughly reduced by simply douching, and reassures you that no surprises will happen.

3. Respect – Douching is good anal play practice and demonstrates respect for your partner. It is the same as showering your body to be clean for your session and play partner. It makes anal play more enjoyable.


How To Douche

For Beginners

Douche bulbs are an applicator that holds water in a bulb to be squirted into the rectum via a long, straw nozzle. They can be bought from most chemists, adult stores and online. They are easy to use, and portable so you can douche over a toilet.

For Experienced Players

The Shower Douche is for heavy anal play. The attachment is a long plastic hose that connects to your shower outlet. Water is squirted into the rectum via a cone nozzle. The pressure and temperature of the water is, of course, controlled by the shower taps. Great care needs to be taken as too warm water can burn sensitive rectum tissue and high water pressure can reach the colon (which can create leakage during anal play). Also, even if the rectum filling happens in the shower, it is a better idea to release the water over a toilet for hygiene. Shower drains aren’t designed to handle poop, so releasing in the shower could result in drainage problems or a bigger cleanup afterwards. 

How To Douche With A Bulb Applicator

Douching happens in the bathroom with access to a toilet. It is best to have done a bowel movement up to four hours prior to douching. Only use room temperature water. Fill your bulb douche applicator with the water to the top – so you don’t squirt air into your ass. Apply lube on tip and along the nozzle, and also a little on your anus. Sit on the toilet for comfort, and bend forward to open your cheeks to gain access to your entrance. (Squatting is best.) Gently insert the nozzle into the anal canal and slide through to the rectum. Slowly but consistantly squeeze the bulb so the water enters your rectum.Take out the nozzle and hold the water in your ass for a few seconds. Make sure you breathe. The release the water into the toilet. Repeat the process until the water runs clean and doesn’t smell. However, it is best not to douche too many times to protect yourself. When finished, wash your applicator with light netural soapy water.

If you feel any air is trapped inside, you feel uncomfortable or bloated, massage your abdamon to help release it. You can also lay on you side to help naturally relax the rectum to allow the air to be released. Sometimes, you can also feel a little funny, bubbly or awkward afterwards. Take time to relax and rest before anal activity.

Extra Douching Tips

  • It is best to practice douching before you need it. You don’t want the stress of trying to work out how to douche of the day of your anal play. Every body is different. Practicing means you will know your body, especially how is reacts to douching. Then you can adjust your washing according to your own body’s needs.
  • It is best to douche at least an hour before anal play. This gives time for any pockets of air to escape, for your body to settle down, and for you to focus on the anal play instead of having the cleaning process fresh on your mind.
  • Just before anal play, do a quick check in the bathroom, perhaps wet wipe the area, but it shouldn’t been necessary to douche again. You should be empty. If you’re not, you might need to do a bowel movement and douche again.
  • Do not douche too much. Douching clears away the mucosa, which is a natural protective lining of the rectum for the function of bowel movements. This makes it easier for small tars and abrasions to occur so lots of compatible lube is always needed to compensate.
  • Always use a condom on play objects, and don’t share extreme objects that can’t fit a condom on. It is best for your play partners to wear gloves, and NO NAILS WHATSOEVER!
  • Eating salad-based meals before play – the day of and even the day before – keeps the bowel cleaner, helps the cleaning process and reduces the risk of accidents