Short Erotica

Cock Bastard

Running down the stairs, I suddenly stop to brace myself against the wall before I reach the bottom. I need a moment to catch my heart, a moment of stillness to fathom what just happened. It is now I realise, I’ve run away… forgetting my panties. I think to go back and collect them but I know as soon as I walk in that door I will be ravaged all over again.

It is now I sense the cool air flowing over my saturated pussy and a large drop of his cum falls onto my inner thigh. Leaning my head back against the wall, I close my eyes to feel his cum running down my leg. Just a small taste… I need it, to have his flavour on my tongue.

Dipping my finger into his warm, silky mess flowing between my legs, I swipe up to collect him. My tongue is already pushing past my lips for a taste. I carefully lick up his cream into my mouth. Oh god! I swish to coat him all over my tongue to keep his flavour with me for longer.

The tingling in my nipples rise again and the wetness between my legs returns to hot yearning. It is only a few steps until I’m out the street door… Instead, I turn and tip-toe back up to his apartment. I stop myself before going in, trying to think of some plausible excuse for my return. My panties. But just as I raise my hand to knock, the door swings open.

Oh shit!

He is standing there, still ass-naked, cock nearly splitting at the seams. A long string of pre-cum dripping down from his tiny slit sends hot flushes through my body.

Wow! Just wow!

I’m brave enough to look up into his face. That grin, that dark twinkle in his eye… The cocky bastard was expecting me!

I try to contain my coy smile but I’m failing miserably.

Before I can breathe, he scoops me up into one arm and closes the door behind us. I’m carried through the studio and thrown onto the bed, landing on my front. I push up to see what he is doing but he pushes my face back down into the sheets.

“Don’t even think about it,” he growls. “You’re not running away from my again. If you can still walk, I’m not done.”

Scooping his arm under my hips, he sets me onto my knees. My dress lifts up over my ass. I feel his strong fingers slide through my wetness and open my lips.

“Beautiful and ready,” he murmurs as if to himself. Heat prickles over my cheeks–I’m almost delirious with fever.

Before I know it, he plunges his mouth into my pussy and I hold in my squeal… well almost.

Thrusting his tongue in deep, his rough chin rubs against my clit. I gasp at the rush and helplessly shift my legs wider. I want him to have all of me, my depth, my vulnerability… Oh god! …anything to please him.




Assy Girl

Part two of Cock Bastard

I’ve had men bring me to my knees before, but this won’t do… I need more. More of him… To have him at my mercy, just as he has me.

As his tongue reaches to suck up his cum deep inside me, his grip on my ankle relaxes and I take advantage.

Flipping onto my ass, I wedge my foot in the crux of his neck and shoulder, and push him back. He chuckles at the surprise move, or maybe it’s because I got the better of him?

“What are you up to?” he asks, pulling out his finest smirk, which I just want to slap it off his face.

“You think you’re a big man..?” I let my question sink into him before continuing, “…then you won’t mind what I’m about to do to you.”

The brights of his eyes beam even brighter.

Leaning back, I pull the silk tie–that he has conveniently left, obviously to bind me–from his bedhead.

“Wrists,” I demand.

He obliges, holding them out to me, obviously amused to the core.

As I make a noose out of his silk tie, securing him, I don’t hide the fact I’m ogling his cock. Bobbing over the sheets between his knees, thick and ripe… He definitely likes this.

Bouncing off the bed, I stand and pull, but the silk tie keeps taut. He looks up at me, not about to budge. I sense a little fear in him–how cute!–and I catch my smile before he sees.

“Off the bed,” I grit.

Tentatively, he gets to his feet. Broad and sturdy… it’s hard not to wilt as he towers over me. I look up into his face. There is stubbornness but behind that is a sweet curiosity.

I drag him through his studio apartment to the oversized window by the sofa. Opening it, I cast out the knotted end of the tie before closing it again. One end trapped in the window, the other secured around his wrists–the man is going nowhere.

“Can I touch you?” I ask seriously.

“I think we are past the pleasantries by now…” he plays, but I won’t let him escape the question.

Leaning in on his jovial slant, I whisper, “There are places of you which you haven’t offered up yet. I don’t just go in and take–they must be freely given… without doubt. That’s how it works.” I can hear the trembling in his breath. “Will you give yourself to me? All of you..?”

“All of me,” he gingerly nods, and a beautiful suppleness eclipses his powerful body.

I don’t move but look straight into his eyes–I need a sure confirmation.

“Yes,” finally falls from his lips.

It is my cue. Moving behind him, I kick his legs further part. Taking his hips with my fingertips, I pull them towards me to free up the tightness of his ass. Using my thumbs, I spread his ass-cheeks to view his dainty rosebud. My mouth pools for a taste. Gathering my saliva in the middle of my tongue, I spit onto his asshole. The man twitches and I giggle to myself.

Like a babe in the woods. My, how the tables turn!

Between my legs is a new burst of wetness. Returning to my full height, I plunge my fingers into my pussy to drench in my juice. I smear the bulk of it over my pointer finger.

Reaching up his neck with my dry hand, I slide my fingers through his hair and take hold. He grunts at the sudden yank.

Feeling my pointer over his puckered hole makes him tighten. After a gentle circling, it soon releases. I woo, “Are you ready for me, babe?”

I need no reply. His cock is pouring pre-cum, his breath has quickened and he tilts his hips to open for me. I feel the tip of my finger to his little indent, then gently push in. He gorgeously gasps, sending wild electrified shivers through me.

A slight rolling rhythm begins in his body as my finger strokes his g-spot. It’s his point of realisation: he wants more. “Fuck…” he sighs as he gives in to the pleasure.

It is now, as his tight warmth sucks onto my finger, I want to have all of him, his depth, his vulnerability… Oh god! …anything for him to be mine.




I’ve seen one or two JOI videos and I just laughed my head off. They seemed so cheesy. BUT… I jokingly said one day I owed a guy some JOI and he called me on it – doh! I told him I’d write him one if he could produce the goods in picture form… with Gothic styling… and he was up for the challenge. Haha! I just couldn’t wuss out. So, here is my first JOI with a touch of Romantic Agony…lol. (The dude had two weeks to deliver, and I must say he produced spectacular results using ruins of an old Abbey for Gothic impact.)


The Wall – JOI For The Boy Who Knows


Print this out… and put blue tack on the back…

Lower the light, you will need to serve in the shadows so the angels don’t see you.

I don’t want you comfortable… This is not for your enjoyment, but mine…

Stand up.

Face the wall.

Stick this paper on at your eye level.

Lean on the wall with your jerk off hand…

Yes, that’s right… you are not going pro today. I want you to agonise over your failure to train your weak hand. If you were a smart boy you’d know I expect my subs to be balanced wankers.

Pull your pants down to just under your ass. Pull your cock out and let it hang.

I am the one who commands your cock to get hard… You hear me boy? Your cock belongs to me – it is only through my grace that your cock can reach its full potential. Getting hard without my approval will never give you the heights you seek. So down, boy… I want your cock completely flaccid – no fatness, no stretch, no heat… limp and soft like a giant grub. Breathe it out until I get what I want. Do not read on until you have obeyed me.

Now… a man with a soft cock is ready to serve. Spread you legs as wide as your pants will allow. Shuffle back so you have to sway forward to still lean your jerk off hand on the wall… I want your cock to hang down for me.

Now, if you were a good boy I’d get down on my hands and knees… I’d slink to kneel between your legs in front of you. Opening my mouth, I’d push out my tongue and collect your soft cock, gently sucking your head into my mouth. You’d feel the moan in my mouth as your cock grows bigger until it pushes against the back of my throat… and you’d feel the gulp as I drink your pre-cum… But you aren’t a good boy…

You’re a very bad boy… Bad boys don’t get my blessing… or my mercy…

See your soft, pathetic grub dangling between your legs…? Slap it. Go on, you heard me.

Slap it again.


Do it harder.

Whisper, “Yes, Miss Racy,” and slap it even harder…

You better have pre-cum dripping from your little worm…I want you to fill a tequila glass. Yes, pre-cum pleases me… I love the feel of it dripping onto my tongue and over my lips… then to kiss you so we can taste your horny juice together… Do not touch yourself with you weak hand… your pre-cum must drip for me without beguile. Think of my hot, wet pussy hugging your cock if you have to… but no handsies to diddle with it.

Now pick up some of your sticky juice onto your finger… and brush it onto your lips. You fool… this is not to humiliate you, but to entice me. You want me horny for you, don’t you? You want me to lick your lips clean? Then baste them with your juices and make me lust after you…

See, don’t you feel like a pretty boy with your lipstick on? I think so… But pretty boys aren’t good boys, and you have a long way to go before you are in my good graces.

Now, get hard for me. Ut, ut… don’t take your cock in your hand… Think!

Think of my hot, wet pussy dripping for you.

Think of you sliding into me.

Think of me trying not to want it so bad but pushing back onto you….

And if you are not hard in two seconds from thinking, you slap your cock to wake it up.

Collect your saliva in your mouth, a big load and as you do, open your weak hand and put it on your scrunched pants over your hip. Rub, rub your hand to build up friction… heat. When your hand is burning, quickly spit your saliva into it and grab your cock tight. Feel the warmth hugging you. No, naughty boy, do not pump your hand! My command is not that easy… You fuck your hand instead…

That’s right, hold your hand still and pump your cock into it. Use the wall for support if you must, but no way in hell will you cum for me like a slacker. You have to work for it. Thrust your hips forward, clench your ass to reach deeper into your hand… Pull back and do it again… If you don’t have sweat streaming from your armpits after this fuck, if your breath isn’t heavy, your heart not pounding or your muscles aching… you have failed me.

So hold your damn hand still and fuck into it with your whole body… push towards the wall and into the shadows, thrusting harder and harder…

Be beautifully violent for me, wrecking your self-control, destroying your inhibitions… thrusting your hips wildly into your palm. Unleash your frustration, baby, and be free… of your soul.

I want you exhausted, broken on your own steam, yet deeply content when you are finished… knowing that everything you are, everything you will be, you have given up to me.

So, ravage yourself for me over and over… Devastate your pride… There is no tomorrow, only Miss Racy.

Pillage your cock until you give the wall a new paint job, and plunder any doubt that you are mine.

When you are done and the wall is dripping with your seed….

Fall to your knees, and whisper, “Thank you, Miss Racy,” you ungrateful slut.




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