Train Your Own Ass

Straight up – Your ass training is your own responsibility.

The sexiest men are the ones who train their own asses. They are the ones who have their own toys, the ones who know how to be prepared and the ones who can take it. They show initiative, are proactive and take responsibility – they are sexy as fuck!

Too many boys are expecting me to train their ass for them. They have no real excuse except laziness – Google is the bane of ignorance. Boys think if they wiggle their virgin ass at me I’ll do all the work for them. Wrong! It’s not a virgin ass that makes me want to fuck it, it’s the boy himself, the man inside.

However, let it be known, every man and every situation is different and warrants a different response from me. There is no hard and fast rule about these things because it all depends on each unique relationship I have with someone. But these are the things I stick by:


1. If a man doesn’t already play with his own ass while masturbating then he isn’t physically ready for pegging.

I like playing with men who explore and enjoy their body. Knowing that a man plays with his ass already is a big turn on and a big step towards successful pegging. If a man comes to me with no training, usually all that can be done in a play session is prostate massage, which is limiting and wastes my talents. I’m not a service Domme – my fulfilment is just as important as my play partner’s. I want pegging, it’s my thing, but I’m also a responsible Domme. I will not go tearing up a sub’s ass unless it has had the proper training first.

There has been only one virgin sub I went about training online before we met but that was ONLY because he had already started training on his own. He was very diligent, buying the toys I suggested, completing all tasks and updating me on his progress. After a few weeks we met up and he could take one of my medium pegs with force. It paid off for me and I was satisfied.


2. If a man has his own play toys – butt plugs, dildos, beads – he is ripe for pegging, mind and body.

This tells to me a man is serious about his pleasure and has been preparing his ass for future strap-on play – super sexy! Training the body is obviously a huge step towards pegging success with the prospect of achieving assgasm. But when a man has the right mindset for anal – receptive, confident, playful, adventurous, and most importantly, pro-active – the pegging moments can easily become fearless and emotionally erotic. When the mind is trained for anal play, anything is possible.

Just recently I met a virgin sub who I was able to trash with my longest beginner peg. He had only been training a month or two beforehand on his own and was able to take my 9’ like a champ. The thing that was thrilling for me (and made me want him so bad) was that his cock would get hard when he fucked himself during personal play. This takes training. His body and mind was prepared not just for the act of pegging but for the pleasure of it. That’s what I want. When we were together, I was able to peg his ass harder and longer than anyone I had before with amazing results – not bad for someone very new to ass play.


3. If a man has his own serious toys, it’s on!

I just melt. I love it when men bring their own toys to play sessions. I only provide beginner pegs and expect men who have more serious desires to have their own. It’s about investing in pleasure, (and hygiene as it is hard to find condoms for jumbo pegs), but it is also about sharing. It means the man is serious about our experience and is working with me to have a fantastic time. Men who are collaborative are the best – we can go further, pushing boundaries, blowing our minds.

One particular sub brought a little suitcase to our session full of amazing toys. I got so giddy! It was exciting to be able to explore with him the toys that made his body quake. He showed me new techniques he had discovered through his own play, and practicing them with him has made me better at anal play all-round – many subs have him to thank. These are the men I truly want to explore with, the ones that can thrill me, who share my passion.


4. What I want for my partner is pure ecstasy and we can only achieve that together if he has fully trained beforehand.

Not only does the body have to be trained but also the mind. It’s amazing to watch a sub stream pre-cum just because he sees me in a strap-on. The mind is powerful and to achieve great heights it needs to be freed. This takes practice and bravery to realise with a stranger.

I was with one ready sub, we had chatted online for a month but had only physically met for a few hours. As soon as my fist started to enter his ass he came, and came, and came several times in under a minute. It was glorious to be a part of that. Then somehow this innate human connection took over where all inhibition was released and an incredible passion fired up between us… I gave him more of myself than any other. It was the most natural thing in the world to do. I’m still in awe at it.

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