I am an Amazon

Every Domme has a unique domming style, but Dommes can also emulate particular stock personas, such as a Goddess, Queen, Mommy, etc. Even though I’m not into labels – I’m an individualist – quick references to such personas make it handy for other people to understand a particular woman’s dominance. I have been searching definitions and interpretations for Amazon Dommes to better describe my own dominance, but so far I haven’t been satisfied with what I’ve found. So, I’ve decided to write my own, just for fun. Of course, the descriptions below are only a representation of my own dominance. It’s romanticised, but even so, there is a great amount of truth to it. It is in no way complete or perfect – it’s a work-in-progress…

An Amazon is not born but made. Fierce, adventurous and feisty, yet elegant and passionate, she is definitely the wildest of the Dominant Women. There is no bestowal of special powers, nobility or dominion, she is divine by nature. The power, agility and endurance of her body matches that of her mind. She has earned her stature and has the marks to prove it.

An Amazon fights her own battles. She has earned her prestige because of her strength, her valour and honour. A warrior to the core, there is no lazing about in luxury being pampered by subservients, she is running wild with horses, swimming with dolphins and climbing with leopards. A woman of action, she doesn’t care to play politics. Truth is her power.

Sexual Appetite
An artisan of war, an Amazon attains mastery of weapons and tools, pain and torture. Her physical prowess and sexual vitality is a force to be reckoned with. She enjoys the pleasures of the flesh and is the commander of her own sexuality. A free spirit – playful and ferocious – no order or tradition dictates her desires. No kingdom or country can contain her. She pillages and plunders, her hunger pure and far reaching, untainted by the will of others.

An Amazon has no need of worship. She stands on her own. A horde of servants, subs, slaves, or the like, do not define her or stroke her pride. She has no patience to be served – she does everything better herself, anyway. Let the Dominatrices, Mommies and Goddesses pick up the pathetic fools – the weak do not impress her. An Amazon’s men need to be strong of body, strong of mind and strong of heart – equal – to be considered. Where is the glory in wrestling with a lesser contender? But in the end, she takes no prisoners.

An Amazon does not need pomp and ceremony – an elusive breed, she comes and goes as she pleases. Men do not submit to her because of title or tradition, and she wouldn’t want a man who does. Her natural majesty and unassuming prestige is what makes men fall to their knees. There is no need for her to command submission, it is freely offered. Though, accepting it is highly unlikely – not everyone is worthy of surrender. Love is not alien to her, though it is not more important than honour, integrity and dignity. Her own path always trumps any relationship. Jealousy and obsession is not part of her nature, nor will she tolerate it in her lovers. She does not trap, bind or cage – to love is to set free.



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