Maverick – Short Memoir

When having a kinky weekender in such a small city as Oslo you have to broaden your search area – yes, I go to Tinder. There are two main problems with Tinder boys: they tend to be waify and they have no clue about BDSM. Sure they know about anal and deep throating but when I clarify that they are the ones that will be my little slut (instead of me being theirs)… yeah, most freak out. The other thing I miss when I’m with a Tinder boy is the discipline and natural elegance of a submissive male who understands his role. So, I’m upfront. As soon as a meeting with a Tinder boy is likely, I tell them I’m kinky. They usually say, “I’m kinky too”, and I just laugh.

“No, no, no, I’m really kinky, like 50 Shades eat-your-heart-out kinky,” I try…

They still never get it until I give them pic evidence, usually a close-up of my fist in someone’s ass. It’s actually quite fun to see the boys run, but the ones who don’t… them’s got potential.

It just so happened on Friday evening I was chatting with this Norwegian guy (35). Let’s call him Maverick, yep, after Tom Cruise in Top Gun. You’ll understand why later. He was trying to convince me he was kinky enough, though he knew nothing about BDSM. Sometimes it’s fun to play with the ignorant, so I was indulging him. He was 40km away and the likelihood of something happening was… nada. But somehow I liked him. He was very cheeky and I would have slapped his face several times if I could reach it. It’s very unusual for a Norwegian boy to be so cocky.

Maverick was convinced he could get to me in 40 minutes if I wanted it but I never took him seriously. Plus, there were other guys I was wooing who were only 1km away. So, I was just killing time with Maverick while preparing for another play date.

I had a fun-filled night with a few boys and went to bed at 4AM after kicking out my last playmate. The Saturday morning sun was gorgeous but it fucking woke me up – just four hours sleep was killing me. My mobile chimed and I reached over to look. It was Maverick. He wanted to know my plans for the day… obviously so he could see how to fit himself in. I honestly told him I didn’t know. Tragically, I had no boys lined up the whole day. The ones I did have had to pull out because of sickness, work or travel. My schedule was blank – like crickets. But no way in fuck did I tell Maverick that.

The cocky boy said he was heading into Oslo. I ignored him, sleep was taking a hold of me again and so I masturbated to make sure the next few hours of zzz’s would be deep and satisfying.

Several chimes from my mobile woke me up again. Checking out of habit, it was Maverick. You bastard!

“Hey, you there? I’m outside. Hello?”

Outside? That made me instantly wake up. “Where are you?” I texted back.

“Downstairs. Don’t disappoint me now.”

Holy fuck! “Like, at my hotel?” I couldn’t text fast enough. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t getting lost in translation and then I tried to remember when I had actually told him what hotel I was staying at.

“Yeah, I have twenty minutes,” he wrote.

Fuuuuuuck!! When he said he was heading to Oslo, I didn’t think he meant to come to me… I thought he had errands or something. “I just woke up. I haven’t showered…”


I laughed at his cheek. For some fucking reason I was charmed… “And my room is messy…”

“I don’t care.”

Fuck, um… He was solving all my issues with his smart-ass attitude.

“You up for it?” He egged.

And you know what…? I fucking was. This guy’s sheer bravado was like no other. He was making everything so easy and believe me, that in itself is truly incredible. It was nice to have a dude pro-active for once. His offer was right up my alley too. I love doing crazy shit. Twenty minutes…? Hell yeah! No shower meant I was not going to get intimate – I was good with that – but constructing a scene on the spur of the moment for a cocky vanilla anal-virgin who I’d love to teach a lesson to…? Bring it on! I live for pushing my Dommely powers to the max. A bit of spontaneous bondage, corporal punishment and Bob’s your uncle. Challenge accepted, dude!

“Ok, I have to come down and let you in.” I texted back.

Twenty minutes…? I took a breath and scanned over my surroundings. My room had the just-been-fucked-in look but there was no time to freshen things up. I clothed my nakedness in my only civilian attire – ripped jeans, faded T and unzipped ugg boots – and put my unkempt hair up in a loose bun. Yeah, I’m classy like that. Haha! I opened the window to let out the midnight sex smell before flying out the door and running down the four flights of stairs. Lifts are for pussies!

There was a spunky dude standing in the corridor by the elevator. I ran past him to the security doors of the foyer but no one was there waiting. Oh fuck! I bet Maverick’s the dude I just ran past. Yep, sure enough, when I turned, the dude was smirking at me. Shit. Now I knew why he was so cocky – no girl could turn that down. Damn it!

Bounding up – I never walk – I said hi. I didn’t need to introduce myself, he obviously knew who I was. Instantly he put his hand around my waist and we kissed each other on the cheek. I pushed the button for the elevator, curious as to how close he was getting to me.

“Only twenty minutes, hey? So what are you doing today?” I never care to get personal but I was trying to make small talk to distract him from reaching in under my shirt. It didn’t work.

“I’ve got a football game on.”

Oh, that explained his short shorts and thin white t-shirt. He looked like he was ready to play beach volleyball.

“You playing?” I asked, stopping his hands from getting a grip around me.

“I’m the coach.”

“Oh…” – Holy fuck! What a turn on – the cheekiness of him, getting a quickie in with a complete stranger before the game. Loved it! It’s exactly what I would do. – “I didn’t realise you’d be coming to see me. I actually just woke up,” I said looking past him to see if anyone was watching us getting fresh in public.

The elevator dinged and we entered, his hands on my hips pushing me in.

“Ok, so my room is really messy…” I warned again, hoping it wouldn’t still smell like sex when we got up there.

He laughed at me, “I told you, I don’t care.”

I swiped my card and pushed the button. “And I haven’t had a shower…”

“I don’t care…”

Coming in close, his body against mine, he tugged on my clothes, forehead pressing against mine… he was about to kiss me. As soon as the doors closed his hand squeezed my ass, making me thrust my hips into him, our mouths so close. God, it was exactly what I wanted, but I laughed at his seriousness. “I haven’t even brushed me teeth yet,” I said trying to dodge his kiss.

“I don’t care…” he smirked.

Somehow I weakened and I let his lips fall onto mine, his hunger ploughing through me. Plunging his hand into my jeans, his fingers went straight to my pussy. OMG! I wanted it so bad but I had to break off our kiss and hold him back… before I squirted in my pants. Right then and there, I knew where this was going to lead… everything out the window.

The elevator doors opened and I fell back out of his arms and escaped to open my door. His body surrounded mine from behind, his hands riding up the front of my shirt and cupping my breasts. Oh god. It took me three goes swiping the key card to open the door.

Just inside, even before the door closed behind us, he turned me and pushed me up against the wall, plunging his hand down the front on my jeans again. His lips fell on mine, his fingers knew exactly where to go and before I could think about the consequences, I allowed his hand to ravaging me. Suddenly, I felt the rush and I gripped onto his hand to stop him. “You’re gonna make me squirt,” I managed to breathe out.

“Good. I want you to.”

Taking his arm, I pulled it out of my jeans and rolled off the wall into the room. This was going quicker than expected and I needed to get a grip. “I have to have a shower…”

“No, you don’t,” he countered.

As I turned to him, he collected me in his arm, while his other thrust into my jeans again. Holding his weight at a distance so I wouldn’t be completely consumed by him… I needed him to understand… “I really should have a shower. I’ve just been fucked a few hours ago…” Surely, he would want me to freshen up for him…?

“I told you…” he began.

“I have another man all over me.” I butted in.

“…I don’t care.”

What the fuck? OMG… this man was so hot. I released to him and he took the opportunity again to plunder my pussy. I was building up to the warm gushing release until I suddenly remembered – oh fuck no! – my jeans were the only civilian clothes I had brought with me for the weekender and I had to wear them home on the plane the next day. I tend to only pack lingerie… lingerie and toys. Before I turned into complete jelly, I took hold of his arm and pushed him away from me. He stood back giving me space but I could see the magnetic craving in him. Oh shit! I so wanted to be fucked by him, but I wanted his ass more, and to have it, I needed to regain control. “I have to change.”

Searching through my carry-on for my burgundy bodice, I knew I could not be naked around this man. He would devour every inch of me if he had full access, and I would sure let him. But we had a deal. He knew if he hooked up with me I’d get his ass and I wasn’t about to let him escape that. I had to impose my dominance to get the satisfaction I needed.

Off to the bathroom, I locked the door and changed. I took an extra ten seconds to collect myself before confronting him. In the room again, he had already lost his shorts and jocks to the floor. As I detached my mobile from the charger, his hands slid over my bare ass and I straighten up to face him. About to tell him my deal with taking pics, he suddenly flung me onto the bed. I tragically squealed in delight and he crawled on after. I lost my mobile… somewhere. Fuck!

His knees spread my legs wide and he pushed me back down on the bed at my attempt to get off.

“Wait… wait…” I said in between laughing at his manhandling, and I scooted off the bed again to grab a condom from my BDSM stash splayed out on the desk.

Bouncing back, I lifted up his shirt – wondering why he still had it on – and I’m confronted with his rock hard cock, purple head and all. As I rolled on the condom, he smirked and moved his head in such a way I knew he was going to pounce as soon as I was finished.

Sure enough, when the rubber touched his base, he pushed me back, moved my thong across – didn’t care to unclip – and set his cock between my pussy lips before sinking himself into me.


Again and again! There’s just something about the energy of a man who means business. I couldn’t help but moan as he was building me to orgasm.

“How many men have you had so far?” he asked end-thrust.

What…? Oh, we’re talking? O…kay… “You mean this weekend?” I asked for clarification. Surely he didn’t mean, like, ever?

“Yeah, the weekend. It’s fucking hot how many guys you have.”

“Four, including you.”

“You’ve fucked four guys in less than 24 hours?”

“No,” I laughed. “I don’t fuck all my subs.”

“Why not?”

“BDSM isn’t about fucking. It’s about exploring kinks and relationship dynamics…” Does he really expect me to concentrate right now?

“So, why are you fucking me?”

Yikes! My brain instantly snapped out of its sexual vertigo. Embarrassed, I didn’t dare answer the question but the very fact I didn’t made his cocky smirk even sexier. He slowed for my answer but I wasn’t going to give him satisfaction.

He pulled away and I felt my body grasp for his feeling to return. Standing, he ordered me to turn over.

Like hell…! I slid off the bed up to my feet. “It’s your turn,” I demanded, trying not to sound too carnal. I didn’t want to frighten the guy.

At the desk, I found my glove bag and put one on. I had to turn around to face Maverick so he’d stop his attack on my ass. As I took up the lube to prep one little finger for him, he came in close and slid his cock into my saturated pussy, fucking me while standing up. I must admit I was mighty impressed. I can’t remember the last time I was fucked standing front-on, if ever.

Stepping back, I pushed him to turn around to the bed. I tried to bend him over but he wouldn’t budge, so I opened his ass cheeks and slipped my gloved finger in between.

“I’ve never done this before… never had anything up there, so go easy on me,” he pleaded.

Warm fuzzy tingles raced through my body. It wasn’t his words that did it for me but the smell of his fear. Fear, yet a willingness to give in to me. “Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing. Just one little finger… Now relax,” I cooed. With my other hand, I slid my palm over his ass and then scrapped my nails in to his soft flesh. He still wouldn’t bend for me so I pushed my pointer into his ass. “You need to bend so you can open up to me.”

He resisted again at my attempt to nudge him over. Pushing my finger further in – his g-spot was deeper than most – I needed more leverage. In one go, I forced him down hard onto the bed. He braced himself on his hands and I held him down for good measure. My finger reached his prostate so I could come-hither his g-spot.

Maverick held dead still as his tight little ass suckled my finger. I could tell he was still nervous. Reaching under, I thought to stroke his cock to help him relax into the pleasure. His cock was rock hard…! Oh, what a sly boy, pretending to be all innocent-like when really he was aching for it. I pumped him, and instead of his ass squeezing to push my finger out like they normally do, I felt his body ease into my hands.

With my finger in his tight ass and my hand wrapped around his cock, Maverick began to pinch up the bed sheets. This man was definitely doing this just for me. That in itself was thrilling, but an Alpha vanilla giving his virgin ass just so he could have me for twenty minutes…? I wondered what he would surrender for a full hour.

Before I was done with him, he stood up, his ass forcing my finger out. Grabbing me, he threw me on the bed again.

I was so ready. Snapping off my glove, I flung it to the bin – ten points!
Maverick spread my legs in the way I loved and rammed his cock into me desperately.

I gasped and writhed at the rush.

I found my phone stuck underneath my ass and managed to pry it out from underneath our weight. “I take pictures too… It’s my thing,” I told him. “No faces, but I use them on Fetlife. Is that okay?”

“No faces?”

“No. You can see them after and we’ll delete the ones you don’t approve…” I got majorly excited at his magic words: “Yeah, sure.”

Giggling, I tried to take sexy pics, but my body threshing in response to his thrusting, just made it silly. I swear he was doing it on purpose! All I could do was just aim and snap at whatever – he was fucking me that hard, rendering my mad photography skills useless.

“I’m coming,” he breathed, and I tingled all over at the thought. He slipped out of me and kneeled over. Up on my elbows, I had to see what he was up to. He held his cock over me and pumped. Oh fuck! He’s going to cum all over my lingerie!Just as I was about to protest, his creamy stuff spurted and was caught in the condom. Phew! I thought he had taken it off. He continued to pump, looking incredibly gorgeous over me, and… I took pictures!

Quivering a little, he fell onto his knuckles, supporting himself over me. Looking at each other, we both chuckled at the surreal moment. “You got your pictures?” he teased, which made me grin.

Up and away, he cleaned up quickly as I lay there watching.

“So you’ve had three others, but you haven’t fucked them?” He nosed in again.

“I’ve fucked two but only one to completion.”

“Why’s that?”

“I kicked the guy out half way through”.

Maverick looked at me with a wickedly delicious cocked eyebrow while picking up his jocks.

“The dude gave me an ultimatum. He said he could either keep fucking me but without a condom or he’ll leave. It wasn’t a hard choice.”

Maverick laughed. “Really? He said that?” He shook his head slightly in disbelief. “And the other one you fucked?” His smile returned.

Oh shit. He wanted me to stroke his ego. “You,” I didn’t back down.

Smirking even more, he asked again, “So, why me?”

I hated that he was thinking he had got to me, but I still said nothing. He had a point. Why him? I liked his bravado, his provocative attitude and his unadulterated hunger but there was really no other reason than I bloody well felt like it. I felt the need, the need for speed.

When he was redressed, I bounced to my feet to show him the pics I had taken. They were very… laughable at best.

“What’s the site again?”

“Fetlife,” I replied.

“Okay,” he said just like that.

“Thanks… Well, it was fun.” I tried not to sound like I was pushing him out the door.

His eyebrows raised and that terrible smirk returned. “Yeah, it was fun. But I got to go.”

“You late?”

“A little,” he blushed.

I held in my chuckle and we kissed each other on the cheek. Watching him leave all the way, I pushed the door shut after him. I love no fuss goodbyes.

Some of you might be thinking he left without finishing the job, but it was actually quite perfect for me. There are many times where liaisons span over a few sessions, halves that will make a whole. And besides, I had other plans for my next orgasm that day.

I thought Maverick would be the type of guy I would never hear from again, which I liked, but… after a day, yeah, it seems he doesn’t want me to forget about him. Go figure.

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