I Don’t Play For Pay

I’ve been getting offers of payment for play sessions. I think it is because they are skipping my disclaimer on both my Femdom and Contact pages:

**I’m not a Professional Dominatrix. I don’t play-for-pay. I can never be bought. I’m just a wildly adventurous girl who loves indulging in sexual pleasures. I’m here to have fun and create authentic experiences with like-minded people.

I appreciate those who have contacted me offering money to play. I understand it can be difficult to find a play partner and I also understand that paying for domination is a humiliation that some people need to feel, but this girl simply can’t be bought. No matter how high you go – and yes, some offers have been quite intimidating – you will not convince me to sell my services to you. I am not a professional. I understand that you might not be looking for a professional either, that you want a personal experience, but it’s just not what I do.

I don’t receive any payment or form of trade from my play partners. The play sessions I have are about two people with similar interests getting together to have fun, explore and fulfil each other’s fantasies. I pay for my own travel, hotels, clothes, events, BDSM gear and other luxuries. Sometimes I might accept a drink or meal if I am meeting someone at a bar or club but I have also shouted (Aussie for ‘treated’) my subs too.

Another thing to consider is that in a lot of countries the buying and selling of many BDSM services is illegal. For example, in Norway (where I live) an escort selling services is not illegal, but the buying of their services is. It’s a paradox but the law puts the blame onto the client. As a responsible Domme, I will not put my sub in legal jeopardy.

The truth is, I understand people’s needs and I empathise, but I’m not willing to compromise my personal values to appease them. Money isn’t a driving force in my life – to me it is a necessary evil. Rather than offering me money, offer me friendship, and if it’s the right time, the right place and we have the right chemistry, maybe we’ll make it happen.



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