A gift is just that! – something that is willingly given as an expression of appreciation.

I never expect gifts – I enjoy them and they are much appreciated, but my favour can never be bought. A gift to me is simply thoughtfulness and gratitude, and perhaps a cheeky way of getting my attention. They never pose a commitment or an obligation of any kind.

I’m a private person so I am adamant about safe and secure interactions. There are many different ways to gift that enables us to maintain our privacy and even anonymity, which I prefer.

You are welcome to gift through Paypal to encourage me visit different cities more frequently.

Amazon egift cards are all the rage for Dommes right now, though Wish Lists have been controversial. As such, I don’t have a public Wish List and I only accept egift cards for the UK Amazon as many companies in the U.S don’t ship to my country of residence. has a Wish List option that keeps details private. I do like to support businesses who responsibly cater for their customers.

Though, my style is to support the little guy, the people who create simply out of passion. If you are in London… I often attend the London Alternative Market (LAM), which enables many small venders to sell their wares. A lot of love has been crafted into those paddles, floggers, whips and canes… A gift can always be bought and left for me to pick up during an event (but make sure it is small enough to fit into a suitcase). It’s always exciting to be gifted with a tool of your desire, if you really want to turn me on!

But if you don’t want to gift and run – Because what’s the fun in that…? – and if we already have a prior arrangement to meet, you can select your own pain, if you will, by gifting me with a new flogger or paddle, whatever your desire, to be used in our future session. I enjoy leaving these tools behind as a memento of our time together.

But what’s even sexier is to be gifted with a new flogger or cane to be used on you in a session that evening at the LAM After Party. Ah-huh, baby.