Doms Who Want To Submit

I have been contacted by many a male Dom looking to explore their submissive side. Sometimes it is out of plain curiosity for submission, sometimes it is because I intrigue them and they want to gain access to me, and unfortunately, sometimes it is because their submissive female will not respect them if they show any sign of ‘unmanliness’ in her presence. No matter these Dom’s sincere intensions, their submission is not for me… simply because it is designed with a dominant mind-set.

Some Doms just don’t know how to treat a woman any other way than submissive.

Even when trying to be submissive, some Doms have the need to impress me with their intellect, woo me with their passion, sway me with their thinly veiled dominance, but… I am not a submissive, such things don’t work on me. This makes them frustrated, humiliated, even offended. I have been called the most appalling things by Doms because they’ve felt rejected.

All Doms are different, of course, but it is also amazing how similar they are in their approach when they don’t understand dominant women. It seems some think all women are submissive; “a Domme just hasn’t found the right Dom yet”. Some Doms go in with a plan – to ‘win’ me with their temporary submission until they can switch me. Some Dom men are straight out hunters and don’t disguise the fact. They seem to think if their control is more controlling, their power more powerful, their authority more aggressive, I will submit to their submission. Some Doms have designed our relationship even before the first hello and dictate how I am to be dominant over them.


Doms contacting me because they want to submit, always fail.


I have met some amazing Doms. It’s a pleasure knowing them and they are important in my life. They are intelligent without them having to tell me, they share their passions without projecting them on me, and never do they try to handle me or use persuasions, their dominance is for their submissives. These Doms just get it – our relationship is built on equal measure. They have no preconceived ideas, no expectations or designs. They just know how to be friends with like-minded individuals. They appreciate my dominance and never try to impede on it. In fact, we tuck our ‘domliness’ away when we are together out of respect. We might not be compatible for a D/s relationship but who cares when we have a great D/D one instead. From this foundation of trust and regard, it is viable for us to explore submission, if we so desire. That kind of freedom is what happens in great relationships. But I must add, these types of Doms are very few and far between… I’ve just been lucky.

So please, if you are a Dom looking to submit, expect nothing but friendship from me.

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