The Dominant Lady Mystique

The fine art of Female Domination is beautiful and elegant when a truly dominant woman is at the helm. Dominance is about having power and influence, it is only weakness to enforce it – a truly Dominant Lady doesn’t need to.

Domination has nothing to do with ball-busting, excessively talking and repeatedly asking rhetorical questions, although these traits are often stereotypical of dominant women, especially in BDSM porn. They have an image to sell. But how divine it is for a dominant woman to sweetly coerce an object into submission, to command surrender, by just being?

I have never fallen prey of the Dominant Lady mystique – I’m not one for pretense. The mystique is certainly a map for counterfeits designed by their counterparts. If I’m a truly dominant woman, elegant and beautiful as I am, why would I want to be a cliché? That would make me untrue to myself and my natural dominance abashed.

A truly dominant woman avoids being trapped in the Dominant Lady mystique. There certainly needs to be a drastic rethinking, especially by women themselves, of what it means to be a Female Dominant.