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I do not respond to play offers from this website. You can reach me through Social Media websites instead. I am active on Fetlife and Tumblr, and sometimes the Literotica forums. I only use Reddit to place ads when I’m visiting a particular city.

Why do I only want contact from players via Social Media? Well… I like to connect with people who are invested in their kinks. I like to see them active on fetish websites. I like them to have a history. And, I like them to be unafraid of who they are.


Please take note

I’m not a Professional Dominatrix. I have no need to brand myself or attract clientele. Money will never dictate me – I do not serve the needs of men. I’m a Domme. I play with people for fun and pleasure. It’s a passion, not a vocation. Do not think you can buy me.

I’m not interested in cold-contacts from subs, sissies, slaves, or the like, asking me to be their Mistress.

I am not an online Domme. I enjoy real life experiences and I am only interested in those I can have them with.

No under 21’s. It’s for legal reasons. As I travel around the world, I have to obey the laws of each country I visit, and this rule means I do that. So, I don’t play with anyone who hasn’t reached the age of 21.


If you want to be friends – great! I enjoy making friends with everyone – I’m an Aussie after all, we’re cool like that. You can connect with me on Social Media. But, be aware, I save my time for those I will be meeting in real life.






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