Cocky Bastard – Short Story

Running down the stairs, I suddenly stop to brace myself against the wall before I reach the bottom. I need a moment to catch my heart, a moment of stillness to fathom what just happened. It is now I realise, I’ve run away… forgetting my panties. I think to go back and collect them but I know as soon as I walk in that door I will be ravaged all over again.

It is now I sense the cool air flowing over my saturated pussy and a large drop of his cum falls onto my inner thigh. Leaning my head back against the wall, I close my eyes to feel his cum running down my leg. Just a small taste… I need it, to have his flavour on my tongue.

Dipping my finger into his warm, silky mess flowing between my legs, I swipe up to collect him. My tongue is already pushing past my lips for a taste. I carefully lick up his cream into my mouth. Oh god! I swish to coat him all over my tongue to keep his flavour with me for longer.

The tingling in my nipples rise again and the wetness between my legs returns to hot yearning. It is only a few steps until I’m out the street door… Instead, I turn and tip-toe back up to his apartment. I stop myself before going in, trying to think of some plausible excuse for my return. My panties. But just as I raise my hand to knock, the door swings open.

Oh shit!

He is standing there, still ass-naked, cock nearly splitting at the seams. A long string of pre-cum dripping down from his tiny slit sends hot flushes through my body.

Wow! Just wow!

I’m brave enough to look up into his face. That grin, that dark twinkle in his eye… The cocky bastard was expecting me!

I try to contain my coy smile but I’m failing miserably.

Before I can breathe, he scoops me up into one arm and closes the door behind us. I’m carried through the studio and thrown onto the bed, landing on my front. I push up to see what he is doing but he pushes my face back down into the sheets.

“Don’t even think about it,” he growls. “You’re not running away from my again. If you can still walk, I’m not done.”

Scooping his arm under my hips, he sets me onto my knees. My dress lifts up over my ass. I feel his strong fingers slide through my wetness and open my lips.

“Beautiful and ready,” he murmurs as if to himself. Heat prickles over my cheeks–I’m almost delirious with fever.

Before I know it, he plunges his mouth into my pussy and I hold in my squeal… well almost.

Thrusting his tongue in deep, his rough chin rubs against my clit. I gasp at the rush and helplessly shift my legs wider. I want him to have all of me, my depth, my vulnerability… Oh god! …anything to please him.

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