No Under 21’s

Sorry boys but this is a rule I will not break for anyone. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of ‘legals’ but under 21’s contacting me. I have turned them all down simply because of their age. They always ask why and this is what I tell them: I exchange personal pornographic material with my play partners. Even though the… Read more →

Why you can’t find a Mistress…

I started writing this as a response to a question asked on a Femdom group about how a sub can attract a Domme. I’ve realised a lot of my points are in direct conflict with the protocols and etiquettes of the Pro-Domme Industry. The pomp and ceremony that might ‘titillate’* a Pro-Domme just doesn’t cut it with everyday Dommes. What’s… Read more →

His Power to Make Decisions

Being a Domme, I endeavor to understand my subs, their desires, kinks, motivations… But foremost, I want to know why they have this burning need to submit. Submission is not a quality I can find within myself, so in order for me to comprehend it, which in turn will make me a better Domme, I must depend on outside sources.… Read more →

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