Dom Space – A Beginning

I’ve always wondered if Dom/mes could experience their version of sub space. It is completely logical, of course, that they could zone into an altered state of vulnerability during a scene, but I’m not sure Doms would want to admit it. Hence my search on Fetlife for the existence of Dom space has been in vain. There are presentations of… Read more →

A Whore For Manwhores

I’ve always been an unusual girl. I don’t sit on the sidelines cheering on the boys, I am in the game, but not as an opponent – I am on the same team. Manwhores are the company I keep. They are my buddies, my defenders, and my lovers. We compare notes, brag and often try to outdo each other. It’s… Read more →

I Don’t Play For Pay

I’ve been getting offers of payment for play sessions. I think it is because they are skipping my disclaimer on both my Femdom and Contact pages: **I’m not a Professional Dominatrix. I don’t play-for-pay. I can never be bought. I’m just a wildly adventurous girl who loves indulging in sexual pleasures. I’m here to have fun and create authentic experiences… Read more →

How To Train Your Gentleman

It is common talk among certain women today about the lack of respect and duty in men. ‘Where are the gentlemen?’ they ask. ‘In the old days men knew how to treat a woman, talk to a woman and take care of her. In the old days there was chivalry… ‘ and they go on about how they want a… Read more →

Let’s Get Real About How It Works

Being a Domme isn’t an act, I don’t play at it, I don’t summon a character for a perforamce like an actor does for stage. Being a Domme is an organic, ever-changing part of me. It is a countenance, a disposition, a feeling, and a feature of my sexuality. It’s personal. It is something I share with those I connect… Read more →

Wearing My Clothes Makes You Sexy As Fuck

I value men and their masculinity. I don’t feminise to humiliate, I feminise so my sub and I can experience my passion for him. One of my favourite songs is from Madonna. It has an unapologetic message: Girls can wear jeans and cut their hair short Wear shirts and boots ‘cause it’s okay to be a boy But for a… Read more →


Do you have someone you stalk on Fetlife? I do too! And he has absolutely no idea…haha! Every morning when I wake up and every night while I’m in bed, I check on his profile to see what he’s been up to. I read the stories he has read, admire the pictures he has loved and smirk at the comments… Read more →

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