Assy Girl – Short Story

Read PART ONE – Cocky Bastard

I’ve had men bring me to my knees before, but this won’t do… I need more. More of him… To have him at my mercy, just as he has me.

As his tongue reaches to suck up his cum deep inside me, his grip on my ankle relaxes and I take advantage.

Flipping onto my ass, I wedge my foot in the crux of his neck and shoulder, and push him back. He chuckles at the surprise move, or maybe it’s because I got the better of him?

“What are you up to?” he asks, pulling out his finest smirk, which I just want to slap it off his face.

“You think you’re a big man..?” I let my question sink into him before continuing, “…then you won’t mind what I’m about to do to you.”

The brights of his eyes beam even brighter.

Leaning back, I pull the silk tie–that he has conveniently left, obviously to bind me–from his bedhead.

“Wrists,” I demand.

He obliges, holding them out to me, obviously amused to the core.

As I make a noose out of his silk tie, securing him, I don’t hide the fact I’m ogling his cock. Bobbing over the sheets between his knees, thick and ripe… He definitely likes this.

Bouncing off the bed, I stand and pull, but the silk tie keeps taut. He looks up at me, not about to budge. I sense a little fear in him–how cute!–and I catch my smile before he sees.

“Off the bed,” I grit.

Tentatively, he gets to his feet. Broad and sturdy… it’s hard not to wilt as he towers over me. I look up into his face. There is stubbornness but behind that is a sweet curiosity.

I drag him through his studio apartment to the oversized window by the sofa. Opening it, I cast out the knotted end of the tie before closing it again. One end trapped in the window, the other secured around his wrists–the man is going nowhere.

“Can I touch you?” I ask seriously.

“I think we are past the pleasantries by now…” he plays, but I won’t let him escape the question.

Leaning in on his jovial slant, I whisper, “There are places of you which you haven’t offered up yet. I don’t just go in and take–they must be freely given… without doubt. That’s how it works.” I can hear the trembling in his breath. “Will you give yourself to me? All of you..?”

“All of me,” he gingerly nods, and a beautiful suppleness eclipses his powerful body.

I don’t move but look straight into his eyes–I need a sure confirmation.

“Yes,” finally falls from his lips.

It is my cue. Moving behind him, I kick his legs further part. Taking his hips with my fingertips, I pull them towards me to free up the tightness of his ass. Using my thumbs, I spread his ass-cheeks to view his dainty rosebud. My mouth pools for a taste. Gathering my saliva in the middle of my tongue, I spit onto his asshole. The man twitches and I giggle to myself.

Like a babe in the woods. My, how the tables turn!

Between my legs is a new burst of wetness. Returning to my full height, I plunge my fingers into my pussy to drench in my juice. I smear the bulk of it over my pointer finger.

Reaching up his neck with my dry hand, I slide my fingers through his hair and take hold. He grunts at the sudden yank.

Feeling my pointer over his puckered hole makes him tighten. After a gentle circling, it soon releases. I woo, “Are you ready for me, babe?”

I need no reply. His cock is pouring pre-cum, his breath has quickened and he tilts his hips to open for me. I feel the tip of my finger to his little indent, then gently push in. He gorgeously gasps, sending wild electrified shivers through me.

A slight rolling rhythm begins in his body as my finger strokes his g-spot. It’s his point of realisation: he wants more. “Fuck…” he sighs as he gives in to the pleasure.

It is now, as his tight warmth sucks onto my finger, I want to have all of him, his depth, his vulnerability… Oh god! …anything for him to be mine.

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