I’m a Domme – I love to play with people from all over the world. I meet up with strangers in different cities to fulfil each other’s fantasies and explore the human connection through sexual intimacy. And no, I’m not a Professional Dominatrix. I don’t play-for-pay. I can never be bought. I’m just a wildly adventurous girl who loves indulging in sexual pleasures. I’m here to have fun and create authentic experiences with like-minded people. To read more about my domination style visit my Femdom page.

I’m an Aussie girl, a professional living in Europe. I’m a dancer/choreographer for a living. I keep fit – I fatbike, run, hike and go to the gym – but I haven’t lost my feminine curves. (And yes, all the pictures you see on this site are of me.) I’m a tomboy who knows how to play with the boys… in lingerie. I’m not loud or chatty, I’m intimate and direct. I’m kinky, very dirty, I don’t play games, and I love to slap more than tickle.

Attraction is important to me. I play for pleasure, not to get paid, so I can be choosy. I’m attracted to people who are fit and healthy. I like a person who takes care of themselves – it tells me a lot about their character. An adventurous attitude is what makes me swoon. I like those who have their shit together and take life by the balls, those who are authentic and don’t play games.

I connect best with people who are positive and create their own energy, people who are young at heart, yet know the complexities of life and love, and yes, people who are kinky, bi-curious and have a high sex drive.

Being a creative, I have fun producing amateur works – photography, writings, vocals, poster art, etc. You can find some of these in the blog and writing sections of this website. I also write about my experiences and have a photo gallery of play sessions.

If you’d like to know more, or just to say hello, connect with me on Fetlife.